Deicide Unleashes Hellacious New Single, "Sever the Tongue"

Deicide Unleashes Hellacious New Single, "Sever the Tongue"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The track previews the band's forthcoming full length, Banished By SIn, due out this spring via Reigning Phoenix Music. 

Last year, death metal pillars Deicide reasserted their blasphemous bombast with the unveiling of "Bury the Cross...With Your Christ". The defiant disposition of the track further previewed the band's next chapter while adding to the legacy of iconic frontman, Glen Benton. For added emphasis, the single surfaced on Christmas Day, implementing a bit of theatrics for the release. 

Now, Deicide has shared a second sacrilegious slab from their forthcoming Banished By Sin full length, due out April 26th via Reigning Phoenix Music. "Sever the Tongue" showcases Benton's venomous spew, reaffirming the band's rank as one of extreme music's most enduring, unapologetically brutal contributors. 

For added effect, the single lands on yet another important date on the religious calendar, arriving on the somber reminder of Ash Wednesday. Coupled with a new visual from David Brodsky from My Good Eye: Music Visuals, the clip underscores Deicide's musical relentlessness and their continued commitment to blasphemous brutality. 

Speaking on the direction of the new album, Benton revealed that Banished by Sin marks a return to form for death metal stalwarts. "I've been sitting in a dark corner for several years now," states Benton. "A few things have come into my life that have shaken and changed me. I got inspired writing this new record—it was like flipping a switch. I no longer have the aggravation of other peoples' hangups interfering with what I have and want to do. I stopped chasing everybody else's happiness a long time ago. The guy who started this shit is back! And it's good to be back!"

"Musically, we're back to the 1990s style," Benton says. "There's modern stuff in there, too. It's Deicide the way it was meant to be. My hooky songs are there, Steve's prog-styled songs are there, and we got Kevin's theme-styled songs. Having Taylor in the band has impacted Deicide greatly. He's a fantastic songwriter and player. He can do anything. The four of us contributed three songs each. I'm back with the high screaming and layering. I'm just absolutely going off on this one. I've been told it's one of my best vocal performances. I'm like Rumpelstiltskin—here to spin your hay into gold. Everybody's going to be pleasantly surprised."

Banished By Sin arrives April 26th via Reigning Phoenix Music. The album is now available for pre-order - HERE


Banished By Sin Tracklist
“From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall”
“Doomed To Die”
“Sever The Tongue”
“Bury The Cross…With Your Christ”
“Woke From God”
“Ritual Defied”
“Failures Of Your Dying Lord”
“Banished By Sin”
“Trinity Of None”
“I Am I…A Curse Of Death”
“The Light Defeated”
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