Extinction A.D. Announce Fourth Full Length Album, 'To The Detested'

Extinction A.D. Announce Fourth Full Length Album, 'To The Detested'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The news comes with the debut of the ferocious new single,  "Impervious (Unrepentant)" which features a guest assist from Matthew Kiichi Heafy of Trivium. 

Veteran hardcore-built, battle-test thrash practitioners Extinction A.D. have announced their pending fourth full length release, To The Detested, which will land August 16th via Unique Leader Records. The news of the full length studio album follows the band's early 2024 EP, Ruthless Intent, which offered a powerful precursor of the pummel to come. 

Paired with the confirmation, Extinction A.D. have shared the first single from the effort with the aggressive assault in "Impervious (Unrepentant)". The single showcases the band's durable brand of heft, further bolstered by the vocal assist of Matthew Kiichi Heafy of the band Trivium. 

Speaking on the release of the single, Extinction A.D. shared, "‘Impervious’ is another exercise for us in stretching ourselves. Embracing some different tempos, instrumentation and inclusion of guest vocals with Matt Heafy. Working with Matt for the track as well as the video was very gratifying and lot of fun. He’s been a big supporter of the band since the jump so it was rad to get together for some music after all this time.”



The band also elaborated on the loaded commentary of the single and the album overall. “Time moves on but things sometimes seem to sink further and further into a festering pit in this world. Humans are steadily losing their humanity in the current state of things, so finding a way to survive without becoming a monster yourself is becoming increasingly difficult.”

To The Detested arrives August 16th via Unique Leader Records. Check the artwork and tracklisting below. 


Extinction A.D. // To The Detested
1. Desperate Grasp
2. Escape From New York
3. Epidemic Of Mutation
4. Apocalypse Rising
5. Impervious (Unrepentant)- feat. Matthew Kiichi Heafy 
6. Fill The Void
7. Burnt Sienna
8. Shepherding Swine
9. Behind The Veil Of Sanctity
10. The Cure Or The Cause
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