Extinction A.D. Drop the Hammer with New EP, 'Ruthless Intent'

Extinction A.D. Drop the Hammer with New EP, 'Ruthless Intent'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Check the pummeling preview of the Unique Leader Records release, "Prodigal Scum".

Long Island heavy hitters Extinction A.D. have confirmed an early 2024 EP release via Unique Leader Records, with the announcement of Ruthless Intent.

The news punctuates a rollout that now includes two single previews from the project. Earlier this summer, the band debuted the unflinching banger in "Mortality Bait" and now spew another dose of venom with the track, "Prodigal Scum"

Extinction A.D. frontman Rick Jimenez detailed the cathartic quality of the music, “I’ve never been shy about my feelings of the outside world and how the broader picture of humanity affects me, but it’s not very often that I speak about my individual little world in Extinction A.D. Prodigal Scum is a full on personal life experience and something that was empowering to put on tape and also into the video."

Another example of the thematic weight of the EP, the band shared how the common denominator of the project is one rooted in settling conflict. “From the beginning of putting this EP together, we knew there was something a little more visceral than usual and we really leaned into it. Not just the lyrics but the delivery and not just the arrangements and pacing of the songs, but the sonic quality. The entire thing is confrontational.”

The four track presentation further emphasizes Extinction A.D.'s vast pedigree of metal, hardcore and punk while asserting a working class approach to heavy music. Ruthless Intent arrives January 12th via Unique Leader Records. Pre-order the release - HERE


Extinction A.D.
Ruthless Intent EP
  1. Prodigal Scum
  2. Under The Hood
  3. Living To Desecrate
  4. Morality Bait
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