Hulder's "Vessels of Suffering" Sets Stage for Decibel Magazine Tour

Hulder's "Vessels of Suffering" Sets Stage for Decibel Magazine Tour

- By Cori Westbrook

Check the latest single from Verses In Oath due out early next year via 20 Buck Spin.

Renowned US Black Metal act Hulder is set to release their eagerly anticipated second LP, Verses In Oath, on February 9th through 20 Buck Spin.

Fans can already get a taste of the album with the single “Vessel Of Suffering” released today. Preorders for the album are also up, with the band gearing up to headline The Decibel Magazine Tour in 2024.

Verses In Oath emerges from the bleak winter months of the Northwest, offering a majestic and untamed experience. It marks a significant milestone in Hulder's evolution, following their acclaimed 2021 debut LP Godslastering: Hymns Of A Forlorn Peasantry and the 2022 mini-album The Eternal Fanfare.

The album, recorded in the Northwest with drums at The Underworld Studios and other audio at De Pestkerk Studios, was mixed and mastered by Ahti Kortelainen of Tico Tico Studios in Finland. His extensive credits include work with influential bands such as Barathrum and Moonsorrow. The record showcases Hulder's deep-rooted melancholy and raw barbarism, embodying the essence of black metal while showcasing creative autonomy.

Verses In Oath is set to release in various formats including LP, CD, MC, and digital platforms. Preorders are available HERE. The album, appealing to fans of Aeternus and Satyricon, includes tracks like "An Elegy," "Boughs Ablaze," and "Enchanted Steel."

Adding to their achievements, Hulder will headline the 2024 Decibel Magazine Tour in the US, featuring labelmates Worm, Devil Master, and Necrofier. The tour, starting February 21st in Roseville, CA, promises a powerful setlist and a testament to Hulder's prowess in live performances.

The band expresses their excitement in headlining the Decibel Tour, "It is an honor to be given the opportunity to headline the 2024 Decibel Tour. The band will be playing a strong setlist with a number of twists and turns throughout and I am looking forward to this new chapter in the journey of Hulder’s live performance. I can only imagine that being joined by our brothers in Devil Master, Worm, and Necrofier will be nothing but a display of power and force. We shall carry the torch of the old guard and blaze a pathway for the new era.”

The Decibel Magazine Tour 2024 w/ Hulder, Worm, Devil Master, Necrofier:
2/21/2024 Goldfield Trading Post -- Roseville, CA
2/22/2024 Thee Stork Club -- Oakland, CA
2/23/2024 Echoplex -- Los Angeles, CA
2/24/2024 Brick by Brick -- San Diego, CA
2/25/2024 The Nile -- Mesa, AZ
2/27/2024 Empire Control Room -- Austin, TX
2/28/2024 Trees -- Dallas, TX
3/01/2024 The Masquerade -- Atlanta, GA
3/02/2024 The Abbey -- Orlando, FL
3/03/2024 Gramps -- Miami, FL
3/05/2024 Hangar 1819 -- Greensboro, NC
3/06/2024 Baltimore Soundstage -- Baltimore, MD
3/08/2024 Underground Arts -- Philadelphia, PA
3/09/2024 Brooklyn Monarch -- Brooklyn, NY
3/10/2024 The Middle East -- Boston, MA
3/12/2024 Preserving Underground -- Pittsburgh, PA
3/13/2024 Grog Shop -- Cleveland, OH
3/14/2024 Magic Stick -- Detroit, MI
3/15/2024 Reggies -- Chicago, IL
3/16/2024 Red Flag -- St. Louis, MO
3/17/2024 The Bottleneck -- Lawrence, KS
3/18/2024 HQ -- Denver, CO

Verses In Oath is out February 9th via 20 Buck Spin.
Preorders are available HERE.

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