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Mandatory Jams: New Heat For the Week of 10/20

- By Ramon Gonzales

Refreshed cuts from Empire State Bastard and Static Dress, plus the return of Texas In July and Aussie aggressors Pincer+ anchor this week's essentials.

Even as the year draws to a close, the continued flow of great tunes remains consistent as heavy music keeps scoring solid new entries. Among this week's focused shortlist of singles, the field consists of both newcomers and emerging names as well as savvy vets setting the stage for pivotal returns. 

From hardcore to grind, metalcore to screamo the Mandatory Jams for this week offer something for everyone. Get your fix of essential new tunes below. 

Pincer+ - "Closer to God" (Greyscale Records)

The Australian region is really becoming a hotbed of emerging talent across the entire spectrum of heavy music. One such is example is Perth's hardcore practitioners, Pincer+. Following 2022's haymaker in Hunting God Tapes. Vol 1: Violence', the band has returned with a mighty second installment of the lauded EP, unloading the cathartic "Closer to God" as a preview of 'Hunting God Tapes. Vol 2: Romance'. The hard-hitting, purely hostile track is as progressive as it is pummeling, reiterating the current health of heavy music. 

Static Dress - "Lye Solution" Featuring Loathe, BVDLVD & Hail the Sun (Roadrunner Records)

Following the release of the reimagined Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux) earlier this year, which saw Static Dress breathe new life into the tracks showcased on the lauded original album, the band has delivered a surprise supplemental second volume. The four song EP features redone versions of selections from the celebrated debut album including "Maybe!!?” (Oblivion Redux) [ft. Bodyweb & Ryder Johnson], “sweet.” (Live From Barclays Arena), “cubicle dialogue” (I'm Letting Unseen Forces Take The Wheel Redux), and “Lye solution” which features Loathe, BVDLVD and Hail The Sun. Among heavy music's most forward-thinking, definitively progressive hitmakers, Static Dress manages to refresh existing music to make something fiercely fresh. 
Empire State Bastard - "Tired, Naw?" (Roadrunner Records)
Featured as the punishing opening track, setting the tone for Rivers of Heresy, "Tired, Aye?" was simple, albeit effective duel assault between frontman Simon Neil iconic thrash drummer Dave Lombardo. Revisiting the track, Empire State Bastard have added a whole new layer of aggression in "Tired, Naw?" which features guitarist Mike Vennart asserting scorching guitars to take the track to a whole new level. 
Texas In July - "Put to Death" (Equal Vision Records)
Debuting their first offering of new material in nearly a decade earlier this year, metalcore stalwarts Texas In July ushered in a new era with "False Divinity" reigniting interest in the band and galvanizing fans old and new with the idea that more was to come. Making it official, the band has delivered a second preview of their next iteration with arguably one of their heaviest songs thus far in "Put To Death" - a sample of their first studio effort in 9 years with the forthcoming EP, Without Reason. Touting serious playing and a staggering howing from vocalist JT Cavey - the new tunes ave thus far proved well worth the wait. 
Racetraitor - “Chamelecón” (Good Fight Music)
Set to release their highly-anticipated full length, Creation and the Timeless Order of Things later next month, the socially-conscious collective of Racetraitor have debuted a second single in “Chamelecón”. The volatile cut goes well beyond effect, documenting the real-life horrors of Chamelecón, Honduras - one of the most violent places on earth. Rife with political corruption and rampant gang violence, the track focuses on the contrast of the lush landscape and the socio-political unrest that plagues the region.
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