Mandatory Jams: New Heat For the Week of 3/8

Mandatory Jams: New Heat For the Week of 3/8

- By Ramon Gonzales

Check entries from The Devil Wears Prada, Sonoran punks Margaritas Podridas, metallic EBM standouts Purest Form and more.

The landscape of heavy music continues to suggest it is in the healthiest of places it has ever been. Given the kind of diversity, in addition to the evolving dynamics of aggressive music - its hard to argue anything otherwise. 

This week's collection of Mandatory Jams is indicative of such. Sourcing elements of various subcategories in heavy music, the bands featured on this week's shortlist steer clear of being any one thing in particular, but rather, an amalgam of various influences that when fused together work in crafting something fresh. 

Spanning punk, metalcore, EBM, deathcore and beyond, here is the shortlist of the week's Mandatory Jams. 




Putting on for North Carolina, Filth manage to create a lasting impression in the landscape of contemporary deathcore - despite a surge in bands gravitating towards the style. Combining an accent of hip hop bounce with the baseline brutality of subgenre, the band's Southern Hospitality full length injects new life into a sound that often tends to be recycled. From head knocking to body clobbering, Filth do well in living up to their name with this one. 



Photo by Imani Givertz
Emerging from the despair and desolation of the Color Decay era, The Devil Wears Prada have turned the corner creatively with a track that embraces a more vibrant, jovial brand of aggression. Their latest track, "Ritual" compiles subtle synth, driven guitars and an anthemic vocal charge from  Mike Hranica and Jeremy Depoyster that amounts to entry that is as bright as it is bombastic. Said to commence "a new era" of the band, the single offers plenty of reason to feel optimistic about the direction of TDWP. 



Photo by Daniel Alejandro 
Noisy, abrasive and blissfully ballsy, the Sonora punks of Margaritas Podridas execute an impressive feat with "Agujas" (translated "Needles") - taking what resonates a purely confrontational 90 seconds and somehow makes it catchy. Between her menacing bassline and her purging howl, frontwoman Carolina Enriquez delivers the goods in a way that should put punk on notice. 



Photo by Ashley Simpson
Though the Carolina prospects have cut their teeth among the likes of the post-hardcore ilk, Excide lean into nostalgic era of nu-metal they likely never intended. Anchored by their hardcore ethos, the band's knack for pseudo-grunge, big melody and a punchy cadence in their Sharptone Records debut in "Dis(re)member" has pangs of Y2K-era heft in the vein of bands like Project 86. Not a bad comparison in the slightest. 



Photo by Kris Kirk
Worshipping at the altar of legends like Ministry, Godlfesh and Sepultura, metallic EBM unit Purest Form hurl an absolute molotov on the closer for their self-titled EP. "Self Destruction" boasts hulking guitars, percussive programming that sets a pummeling pace and vocalist Story Beeson spitting serious venom. 


The Aussie powerhouse have bolstered their arsenal on their latest single, "Whenever You're Ready" - displaying their brave embrace of big melody which resonates with an emotive performance. Packed with anthemic choruses and powerful song dynamics, the band best known for their volatility have clearly shown they are just as effective when their attack asserts some refinement and restraint. 


Photo by Cu Chulainn Dillingham
Emerging West Coast outfit Mugshot toe a fine line between hardcore sensibility and metal execution. However, on their latest track, "24 Thorns" asserts the band's full range when it comes to the extreme end of the spectrum. Enlisting Kane Gelaznik of Vomit Forth to add to the vocal attack of the track, the frenzied pace and real sense of urgency make for relentless single that hits like a barrage. Arguably the band's most relentless submission to date, Mugshot are positioning themselves as true blue chips in the space of heavy music. 
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