Mark Morton of Lamb of God Pens New Book, 'Desolation: A Heavy Metal Memoir'

Mark Morton of Lamb of God Pens New Book, 'Desolation: A Heavy Metal Memoir'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The poignant read offers a first-hand account of Morton being at odds with achieving success as the guitarist for one of metal's most influential bands, while battling grief, anxiety and addiction.

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has announced added the title of published author to his lengthly list of professional accomplishments.  DESOLATION: A Heavy Metal Memoir, will arrive June 25th via Hachette Books frames an important story of self-discovery - revisiting the personal and professional evolution of the accomplished musician and songwriter. 

Penned with co-author Ben Opiari, Morton presents the duality of his life - achieving unparalleled success with his musical brethren in the grammy-nominated colelctive Lamb of God, while personally confronting the grief of catastrophic loss - including the tragic passing of his newborn daughter.

Morton speaks candidly about his feeling of helplessness, his battle with addiction and his juxtaposition earning mainstream acclaim in a heavy band, while enduring personal insecurity. The book offers a frank presentation of the highs and lows of life as a touring musician. 

“Initially, I started writing this book just to see if I could do it,” said Morton. “But as the writing process unfolded, it quickly took on much more meaning. 

Unpacking my story, I was able to observe events in my life with an objectivity that I hadn't experienced while I’d lived them in real time. Through a lens of hindsight and recovery, I made friends with my past and found value in my most difficult days."

Morton adds his intentions in sharing such a candid look at his personal journey. "I hope that by offering my experiences, I can create a point of connection and commonality. There are a lot of fun stories in here and a few really sad ones. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to share them.”

DESOLATION: A Heavy Metal Memoir arrives June 15th via Hachette Books. Pre-order the release - HERE

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