Max and Iggor Cavalera Launch Nitro Cold Brew Blood Brothers Coffee with Concept Cafes

Max and Iggor Cavalera Launch Nitro Cold Brew Blood Brothers Coffee with Concept Cafes

- By Ramon Gonzales

Get the details on the Brazilian roast and the limited edition Bloody Promo Gift Box.

Following the success of the latest launch of the Cannibal Corpse cold brew coffee earlier this year, Concept Cafes has linked with another legendary name in metal to add to their offerings of premium coffee collaborations. 

Teaming with brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera, Blood Brothers Coffee will see a release this March and will be available both as a Nitro cold brew ready-to-drink can and as a premium Brazilian roast in both whole bean and ground. 

Coined as the world's bloodiest coffee, the brew was handpicked by the Cavalera brothers themselves and precedes the eventual release of other varieties including espresso, non-dairy latte & flavored latte versions. In fact, Max & Iggor’s ‘Blood Brothers’ Coffee was a semifinalist in the coffee industry's prestigious 2023 Sprudgie Awards - among one of the top honors within the universe of coffee. 

Coupled with the announcement, Blood Brothers Coffee will be available in limited release gift box which includes one 12oz. can of ‘Blood Brothers’ signature Brazilian coffee, one 12oz bag (whole bean or ground) of ‘Blood Brothers’ coffee & a custom ‘Blood Brothers’ sticker. 

Speaking on the ongoing partnership with the iconic Cavalera brothers, Concept Cafes explained, "Collaborating with the Tribe, we wanted to accomplish two things with ‘Blood Brothers’ one, further push the initiative that Metal has a place in the coffee world beyond the burnt leftovers from the factory floor and two, share the often overlooked, yet some of the best coffee in the world, that comes out of Brazil.
The collective challenge was how do you package 40 years of legacy from such an influential and integral part of Metal history into a bag/can of coffee? Furthermore, how do you represent Brazilian culture, and most importantly, how do you humbly present the best offering to metalheads around the world?
But Max and Iggor, and the rest of the Cavalera Tribe, actually made it pretty easy for us once we started working with them. When you see the level of passion and devotion they have for the music and touring for the fans, it really is awe-inspiring; so everything kinda just started to come together on this project organically."
The limited edition Bloody Promo Box begins shipping March 1st and will be limited to just 500.
Place your order for the nitro cold brew canned coffee  - HERE


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