Nascar Aloe Links with Synth-Punk N8NOFACE for "Fuck! Ah!"

Nascar Aloe Links with Synth-Punk N8NOFACE for "Fuck! Ah!"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The track introduces the new age punk's next EP, 'Speed' arriving this spring via Epitaph Records.

Photo by Amon Lindsey 

If gutter trap was a thing, Nascar Aloe would likely piss on it. However, for the sake of the conversation, the combination best frames the stylistic mesh that encompasses the LA-based aggressor. 

Earning loose comparisons to the likes of Show Me the Body's punk ethos and XXXtentacion's distorted, low-end rumble, Aloe's disregard for genre lines and subculture divides is only part of what makes him such a threat. 

Earning acclaim with his 2023 EP Hey Asshole!, the fluid amalgam of crust punk confrontation and the style points of hip hop made for the kind of showing that positions the young agitator in a lane all his own.  

Beginning the new year, Nascar Aloe has confirmed the arrival of his next EP with the March 15th arrival date of his Speed EP due out on Epitaph Records. Properly introducing the project, Aloe has unveiled the appropriately distorted, delightfully demented "Fuck! Ah!" - a single bolstered by the 8-bit brash of synthpunk N8NOFACE. 

Speaking to brash brawn of the track and its indication of what's to come on the EP, Aloe shared, "If I could physically shove a song into your ear canals, this would be it."

Offering testament to his evolution as a artist, Speed sees Aloe shifting from the rock lean of Hey Asshole! to a more glitch-heavy, techno punk lean predicated on inciting a bit of chaos. Fusing the throb of old school gabber with the crass of crust, Aloe makes his intentions crystal clear by evoking a specific emotion... “angry, like boiling point San Andreas fault overdue earthquake type."  

The Speed EP from Nascar Aloe drops March 15th via Epitaph Records. Check the tracklist below. Order the EP - HERE

SPEED Tracklisting


SPEED (Intro) 



FUCK! AH! ft. n8noface 





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