New Flesh 1/19: Releases From Green Day, Upon Stone, Lord Dying & More!

New Flesh 1/19: Releases From Green Day, Upon Stone, Lord Dying & More!

- By Cori Westbrook

From punk legends to emerging extreme metal prospects, Cori Westbrook covers the latest and greatest in new releases.

Abhoria – Depths - Black Metal

A visceral journey through dark soundscapes, Depths showcases Abhoria's mastery in blending aggressive riffs with haunting atmospherics, creating an intense yet deeply emotive metal experience.

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Boundless Chaos – Sinister Upheaval - Death Metal

Sinister Upheaval erupts as a raw, unrelenting force of thrash metal, where Boundless Chaos delivers blistering guitar work and ruthless rhythms that are both punishing and invigorating.

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Green Day - Saviors - Punk Rock 

Green Day's "Saviors" strikes a balance between their classic punk roots and a more mature, reflective lyricism, offering a collection of tracks that are both energetically charged and emotionally resonant.

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Lord Dying – Clandestine Transcendence - Sludge/Doom 

This album is a bold exploration of sludge and doom metal, where Lord Dying crafts a sound that's as oppressively heavy as it is intricately melodic, making Clandestine Transcendence a standout in their discography.

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Methedrine – No Solution, No Salvation - Crossover/Hardcore 

No Solution, No Salvation is a relentless barrage of hardcore punk, where Methedrine combines raw aggression with socio-political commentary, resulting in a powerful and thought-provoking listen.

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Upon Stone – Dead Mother Moon - Melodic Death Metal

Dead Mother Moon is a dark, brooding foray into modern melodeath, with Upon Stone weaving a tapestry of technical melancholic melodies and thunderous riffs, creating a passionate and earnest album.

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Also out this week…

Advocacy – The Path Of Decoherence (Uprising)
Andracca – To Bare The Weight Of Death (Vendetta)
A/Oratos – Ecclesia Gnostica (LADLO)
Autumn’s Child – Tellus Timeline (Pride & Joy)
Avenger – Steel On Steel: The Complete Avenger Recordings (Dissonance)
Becoming The Lion – Turning Point EP (Self)
Breaths – Melt Away EP (Self)
Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends – Beyond The Warrior’s Eyes (Downtown)
CobraKill – Serpent’s Kiss (Frontiers)
Cold In Berlin – The Body Is The Wound EP (New Heavy Sounds)
Corvus – Immortals (Pride & Joy)
Dark Years From Now – De-illuminate (Self)
Death Killer – Total Destruction Of The Entire Universe (Last Day Of The North)
Disconnected Souls – Fragments Of Consciousness (Self)
Drakon – Thunderdome (Sleaszy Rider)
Eave – Fervor (Fiadh)
Final Coil – The World We Inherited (Sliptrick)
Fugit – Bury Me Here (Self)
The Funeral Procession – In Still Silence (Self)
Gothic – Underground (Loud Rage)
Gotus – Gotus (Frontiers)
Grand – Second To None (Frontiers)
Horrorgraphy – A Knight’s Tale (Wormholedeath)
Inver – On This Earth (Self)
Kontact – Full Contact (Dying Victims)
Lazarus Dream – Imaginary Life (Pride & Joy)
Livekill – Scum Of My Life (SWOL)
Malist – Of Scorched Earth (Avantgarde)
Master – Saints Dispelled (Hammerheart)
MesaVerde – All Is Well (Apollon)
Nargathrond – Mourning Season (Self)
Narzissus – Akt III: Erlosung (Fiadh)
Nature Of The Beast – Radio Hauntings (Wormholedeath)
Necromass – Exsanguinati Sacerdotes (Fiadh)
Necro Weasel – A Brave New World (Foxhole)
Night Thieves – Polarity EP (Self)
Notorious – Marching On (Pride & Joy)
Rail Rage – Wolves Among Sheep (Self)
Resin Tomb – Cerebral Purgatory (Transcending Obscurity)
Ribspreader – Reap Humanity (Xtreem)
Rob Favotto – Kalki (Self)
The Rods – Rattle The Cage (Massacre)
Saxon – Hell, Fire And Damnation (Silver Lining)
Scarlet Anger – Martyr (Self)
Second Shooter – Fury Made Flesh (Into)
Seid – Svartr Sol (ATMF)
Sgàile – Traverse The Bealach (Avantgarde)
Sovereign – Altered Realities (Dark Descent)
Touché Amoré –Survived By: Revived (Deathwish)
Tropic Santos – Caccia Grossa (Argonauta)
Underneath – From The Gut Of Gaia (Syrup Moose)
Vemod – The Deepening (Prophecy)
Verona On Venus – Popular Delusions (Self)
The Vice – Dead Canary Run (Noble Demon)
Wasp Mother – Digital Pollution EP (Self)

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