New Flesh 10/13: Releases From Beartooth, Twin Temple and More!

New Flesh 10/13: Releases From Beartooth, Twin Temple and More!

- By Corinne Westbrook

From Satanic doo wop to progressive metal to modern hardcore, this week's shortlist of releases are all killer, no filler.

Metalheads, gather 'round! A fresh week has given us some serious head-banging releases. From shredding solos to guttural growls, here's my roundup of the top albums for this week. Crank up the volume and let's dive into the mosh pit of this week's best!

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist.

Beartooth – The Surface - Metalcore

Beartooth’s "The Surface" is a masterclass in the fusion of poppy punk elements with the infectious hooks of modern rock. The album boasts an energetic momentum, weaving between aggressive guitar riffs and anthemic choruses that pull at the heartstrings. Caleb Shomo’s distinct vocals demonstrate a passionate delivery, allowing listeners to feel every ounce of emotion poured into each track. 

Get your copy HERE.

Body Void – Atrocity Machine - Doom/Sludge

Immersing listeners into a world of oppressive sludge and doom, "Atrocity Machine" is nothing short of a sonic monolith. The dense, heavy guitar tones paired with the suffocating atmosphere create a sense of unease, which is exactly what the band aims to achieve. Despite its weighty sound, the album showcases moments of vulnerability, making it a deeply introspective journey through the shadowy corners of human existence.

Get your copy HERE.

††† (Crosses) – Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete - Art Rock

Dripping in atmospheric layers, this album is a labyrinth of soundscapes that straddle the line between electronic and rock. The hypnotic beats combined with the shimmering synthesizers create a dreamscape for listeners. Chino Moreno's haunting vocals float through the mix, and the songwriting is as poetic as it is mysterious. It's an album that beckons one to drift into its embrace and get lost in its depths.

Get your copy HERE.

Creeper – Sanguivore - Gothic Punk

"Sanguivore" sees Creeper at their theatrical best, crafting songs that are equal parts dramatic and musically rich. Channeling the spirits of gothic punk and rock opera, the band takes listeners on a roller-coaster of emotions. With vivid storytelling and bombastic instrumentation, it's an album that feels like a dark theatrical play set to music.

Get your copy HERE.


The Lion’s Daughter – Bath House - Experimental Metal

Taking a fearless approach to metal, "Bath House" is a display of The Lion’s Daughter’s penchant for the avant-garde. The songs oscillate between moments of eerie atmospheres and bursts of chaotic instrumentals. It's an album that challenges the traditional and flouts expectations, making it a compelling listen for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

Get your copy HERE.


Oni – The Silver Line - Progressive Metalcore

This album is a testament to Oni's innovative spirit, blending intricate progressive metal intricacies with hooky and modern metalcore elements. Each track feels like a journey, combining the fury of metal with the elegance of prog. "The Silver Line" stands out as an ambitious project that pushes boundaries, ensuring Oni's spot as pioneers in their genre.

Get your copy HERE.


Private Mind – The Truth You See – Hardcore

As a raw representation of hardcore, "The Truth You See" is an adrenaline-packed journey from start to finish. Each song carries an intensity that's palpable, with lyrics that resonate deeply with societal struggles and personal battles. The aggressive instrumentation perfectly complements the poignant messages, making it a standout in contemporary hardcore offerings.

Get your copy HERE.

Twin Temple – God Is Dead - Doo-wop

A beautifully blasphemous blend of doo-wop rhythms with dark, satanic themes. "God Is Dead" is an audacious project that challenges genre norms. Alexandra James' velvety vocals provide a stark contrast to the occult-inspired lyrics, creating an album that's both eerie and enchanting. It's a refreshing take on retro styles, making Twin Temple one of the most intriguing acts in recent years.

Get your copy HERE.

Also out this week…

35 Tapes – Fabric Of Time (Apollon)
Acid Blade – Shooting Star EP (Jawbreaker)
Akouphenom – Death Chaos Void (Avantgarde)
Alasteth – The Nihilism Of Alasteth (Schwarzdorn)
All Its Grace – To What End? (Bastardized)
The Answer Lies In The Black Void – Thou Shalt (Burning World)
Arabrot – Of Darkness And Light (Pelagic)
Arborescence Of Wrath – Inferno (Transcending Obscurity)
As The Sun Falls – Where The Silence Reigns EP (Self)
Beastwars – Tyranny Of Distance (Self)
Bermuda’s Burden – Devil’s Paradise (Self)
Biledriver – Let The Sun Swallow All (Self)
Black Bile – L’Oratoire (Frozen)
Blade – Joker And Clowns (Inverse)
Blessed Curse – Pray For Armageddon (M-Theory)
Blood Lightning – Blood Lightning (Ripple)
Carnal Savagery – Grotesque Macabre (Moribund)
Catafalque – Dybbuk (Code666)
Comaniac – None For All (Metalworld)
Corrosive – Wrath Of The Witch (MDD)
Cosmic Jaguar – The Order Of The Jaguar Knights (Self)
The Cyclist Conspiracy – Mashallah Plan (Subsound)
Decembre Noir – Your Sunset | My Sunrise (Lifeforce)
Detachment – Lack (Self)
The Dollyrots – Night Owls (Wicked Cool)
Drawn And Quartered – Return Of The Black Death (Moribund)
Droid Killer – The Terminator vs. The Preacher (Black Halo)
Edge Of Forever – Ritual (Frontiers)
Electrocutioner – False Idols (Self)
Enemynside – Medusa XX Legacy Edition (Self)
Eric Sardinas – Midnight Junction (earMusic)
False Fed – Let Them Eat Fake (Neurot)
Felonie – De Seve et de Sang (Code666)
Fleshworks – Diabolus Ex Machina (Apostasy)
Fortid – Narkissos (Lupus Lounge)
Furia – Huta Luna (Pagan)
Gevaudan- Umbra (Meuse)
Gods Of Gaia – As Daylight Dies (Wormholedeath)
Hagatiz – Cursed To The Night (Amor Fati)
Hannah Wicklund – The Prize (Self)
Hegeroth – Disintegration (Self)
Hooveriii – Pointe (Levitation)
Jonathan Young – Children Of Night (Judge & Jury)
Kaunis Kuolematon – Mielenvalta (Noble Demon)
Kings Crown – Closer To The Truth (Frontiers)
KK Null & Dao De Noise – Digital Demons (Give/Take)
Krieg – Ruiner (Profound Lore)
Laster – Andermans Mijne (Prophecy)
Lightcrusher – Constructing Stairs Of Mortared Bone (Moribund)
Lord Volture – Live ’em Up! (Freya)
Malformed – The Gathering Of Souls EP (Extremely Rotten)
Michael Voss – Rockers Rollin’ (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt) (Massacre)
Modern Technology – Conditions Of Worth (Human Worth)
Mondo Generator – We Stand Against You (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Morkt Tre – Зазирни за Обрій (Darker Than Black)
A Mourning Star – A Reminder Of The Wound Unhealed (Daze)
Nigrum Tenebris – Miasmal Spirits (Northern Fog)
Nitrate – Feel The Heat (Frontiers)
Ohmwork – In Hindsight (Rob Mules)
Olymp – Olymp (Self)
On Thorns I Lay – On Thorns I Lay (Season Of Mist)
Overthrow – Ascension Of The Entombed EP (Redefining Darkness)
Persecutor – Vendetta (Self)
Popior – Pomarlisko (Self)
Pynuka – Not In The Sense We Did Something Wrong (Translation Loss)
Ronnie Atkins – Trinity (Frontiers)
Sadistic Force – Midnight Assassin (Goat Throne/HPGD)
Sahg – Live Demons EP (Drakkar)
Selenoplexia – Exalt And Despair (Self)
Seraphic Entombment – Sickness Particles Gleam (Everlasting Spew)
Sicut Glacies – Kalde Minner Fra Fortiden EP (ATMF)
Silent Revenants – The Withering Of The Blue Flower (Wormholedeath)
Slidhr – White Hart! (Debemur Morti)
Sonic Tides – Six Sided Square EP (Epictronic)
Source – Emergence (Self)
Sour Times – Awaken The Voiceless EP (Self)
Spiritus Mortis – Spiritism 2008-2017 (Svart)
State Of Deceit – Stalked By Daemons (Eclipse)
Sucking Leech – Errordynamic (Rebirth The Metal)
Suicide Puppets – Beyond The Veil EP (Self)
Swartzheim – Sympathy EP (Self)
Tardigrade Inferno – Burn The Circus (Self)
Terreur Nocturne – Solitude Post-Mortem (Music)
Theocracy – Mosaic (Atomic Fire)
Thetan – Grand Ole Agony (Anti-Corporate)
Upchuck – Bite The Hand That Feeds (Famous Class)
Ural – Psychoverse (Xtreem)
Vanishing Kids – Miracle Of Death (Aural)
Varg – Ewige Wacht (Napalm)
The Vintage Caravan – The Monuments Tour (Live) (Napalm)
Voidescent – Dust And Embers (Avantgarde)
The Voynich Code – Insomnia (Unique Leader)
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