New Flesh 3/1: Releases From Ministry, Suldusk, Blind Channel and more!

New Flesh 3/1: Releases From Ministry, Suldusk, Blind Channel and more!

- By Cori Westbrook

From Industrial legends to iconic metal frontmen to emerging deathcore and nu-metal, columnist Cori Westbrook corrals the essential releases of the week.

Diving into the depths of this week's diverse releases, this roundup explores a spectrum ranging from the relentless aggression of deathcore and the haunting melodies of blackgaze to the innovative fusion of industrial metal and the nostalgic revival of nu-metal. 

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist!

Alienist – Love/Hate EP - Deathcore

Alienist's Love/Hate EP delivers an explosive deathcore experience with its brutal riffs and relentless energy. It captures the genre's essence with precision and passion. A must-listen for fans seeking intensity and depth.

Get your copy HERE.

Blind Channel – Exit Emotions - Nu Metal

Exit Emotions by Blind Channel revitalizes nu-metal with its energetic beats and raw emotion. The album's catchy hooks and dynamic vocals stand out. It's a refreshing, modern take on the genre.

Get your copy HERE

Bruce Dickinson – The Mandrake Project - Heavy Metal

The Mandrake Project showcases Bruce Dickinson's iconic voice and storytelling prowess in heavy metal. With its masterful compositions and thematic depth, the album is both powerful and profoundly engaging. A true heavy metal odyssey.

Get your copy HERE.

Clouds Taste Satanic – 79 A.E. - Doom Metal/Heavy Metal

79 A.E. by Clouds Taste Satanic is a doom metal masterpiece, blending heavy riffs with an atmospheric depth. With two tracks clocking over 20 minutes each, its slow-building, epic soundscapes are both mesmerizing and intense. A standout album for the genre.

Get your copy HERE.

Ministry – Hopiumforthemasses - Industrial Metal


Hopiumforthemasses is a razor-sharp critique of modern society, wrapped in Ministry's signature industrial metal sound. The album's relentless energy and innovative soundscapes are both provocative and invigorating. It's a powerful statement in a chaotic world.

Get your copy HERE.

New Year’s Day – Half Black Heart - Alternative Metal

Half Black Heart by New Year’s Day blends emotive lyrics with a polished alternative metal sound. The album's catchy melodies and engaging vocals capture a spectrum of emotions. It's both introspective and empowering.

Get your copy HERE.

Suldusk – Anthesis - Blackgaze

Suldusk's Anthesis is a beautifully haunting blend of black metal and shoegaze, with folk touches, offering a unique and immersive listening experience. The album's ethereal melodies and atmospheric intensity are captivating. It's a breathtaking exploration of light and darkness.

Get your copy HERE

Volcandra – The Way Of Ancients - Blackened Melodic Death Metal

The Way Of Ancients by Volcandra combines the ferocity of blackened death metal with melodic intricacies. Its epic soundscapes and aggressive vocals create a compelling narrative. A thrilling journey through ancient and mystical realms.

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Also out this week…

Angmodnes – Rot Of The Soul (Meuse Music)

Azell – Death Control (Rottweiler)

Beenkerver – De Rode Weduwe (Vendetta)

Big Big Train – The Likes Of Us (InsideOut)

Blazar – Fatal Cosmic Wouind (Carbonized)

Clarion Void – Failure In Repetition (Lost Future)

Cryptic Confinement – Tempestuous demise (Sliptrick)

Crying Steel – Live And Thunder (Underground Symphony)

Culak – Underneath The Veil Of God (Self)

Defocus – There Is A Place For Me On Earth (Arising Empire)

Devastator – Conjurers Of Cruelty (Listenable)

Dez Dare – A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin. (God Unknown)

Drain Down – Toxic Society (Black Sunset)

Etoile Filante – Mare Tranquilliatatis (Self)

Fall Of Leviathan – In Waves (Vitruve)

Fathomless Ritual – Hymns For The Lesser Gods (Transcending Obscurity)

Firewind – Stand United (AFM)

Gab De La Vega – Life Burns (SBAM)

Hammok – Look How Long Lasting Everything Is Moving Forward For Once (Thirty Something)

Jade Dust – Grey Skies (Council)

Hands Of Goro – Hands Of Goro (BSP)

Konad – The Last Day (Selvajaria)

Kontravoid - Detachment - Synthwave/dark pop

Lesbian Bed Death – Midnight Lust (Wormholedeath)

Lilla Veneda – Primordial Movements (Self)

Lunar Spells – Sacraments Of The Necromantical Empires (Northern Silence)

Maan Tomu – alossa en näe pimeää, pimeässä valon nään (This Is Not A Dog)

Marble Ghosts – Marble Ghosts EP (Self)

Mephisto – Carpathian Tales (Brutal)

Messiah – Christus Hypercubus (High Roller)

Metro Society – The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898 (Self)

Modern Stars – Termination (Little Cloud)

Negative Prayer – Self // Wound (Chaos)

Northern Genocide – The Point Of No Return (Inverse)

Oxygen – A New Dawn (Self)

Paraline – Sound Weapon (Eclipse)

Profane Burial – My Plateau (Crime)

Rik Emmett – Diamonds: The Best Of The Hard Rock Years 1990-1995 (Music In Motion)

Sanity – The Beast EP (Self)

Saturnalia Temple – Revel In Dissidence (Listenable)

Sentry – Sentry (High Roller)

Sheer Mag – Playing Favorites (Third Man)

Silveroller – At Dawn EP (Self)

A Somber Funeral – Summertime Sorrow (Silent Watcher)

Stagnant Waters – Rifts (Neuropa)

Suicidal Angels – Profane Prayer (Nuclear Blast)

Svart Lotus – Som Et Vondt Ar (Hellstain)

Tachanka – Blossoms (Syrup Moose)

Tidstyv – Det Blir Bra Til Slutt (Self)

Tigers On Opium – Psychodrama (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Traum – Traum (Subsound)

T.S.O.L. – A-Side Graffiti (Kitten Robot)

Various Artists – New Wave Donut (Wax Donut)

Vorus – Desolate Eternities (Loud Rage)

Warfield Within – Pure Purge EP (Self)

Waste A Saint – Ravenous (All Good Clean)

We Follow The Earth – Extinct (Self)

Wolfpact – Alpha Wolf EP (Gio Smet)

Worst Doubt – Immortal Pain EP (Daze)

Zakk Sabbath – Doomed Forever Forever Doomed (Magnetic Eye)

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