New Flesh 6/14: Releases from $uicideboy$, Julie Christmas, APES and More

New Flesh 6/14: Releases from $uicideboy$, Julie Christmas, APES and More

- By Ramon Gonzales

Check essential new albums featuring New Zealand death metal collective Ulcerate, CKY founder Deron Miller and Nordic songstress Eivør's debut on Season of Mist.


Propelled by the mammoth success of singles like "Us VS Them" and "The Thin Grey Line" the tandem of $crim and Ruby have another $B juggernaut ion their catalog with New World Depression. The album boasts slick production and crafty turn of phrase as the New Orleans duo   album that further delve into weighty themes including navigating fame, veering from self-destruction, the journey of self-discovery in a climate of chaos.


A potent meld of alt-pop and consuming post metal, the latest from Julie Christmas took some 14 years to surface following her celebrated solo debut in The Bad Wife - giving credence to the the old adage of some things are well worth the wait. Teaming with collaborators Johannes Persson of Cult of Luna, Chris Enriquez of Spotlights and John LaMacchia of Candiria, there a performative power at the core of these diverse tracks that give the presentation a unique continuity. A masterful control of musical ebb and flow, Ridiculous and Full of Blood is kind of matter-of-fact art that makes heavy music fundamentally human. 

APES - PENITENCE (Secret Swarm Records)

Blackened grindcore horde APES are not for the casual listener, nor do they intend to be. Even by that standard, their latest full length achieves a new level of intensity that signals the band has reached a new plateau that emphasizes their diverse swath of musical extremity. With added artillery from Madi Watkins of Year of the Knife on "Coffin" and the tutelage of Andy Nelson and Will Putney, the Canadian collective concoct an eviscerating combination of grind, hardcore and black metal. Along with the band's hardcore backbone, there's reason to suspect APES are poised for the big stage. 


The New Zealand outfit have followed their celebrated 2020 full length, Stare Into Death And Be Still, with the kind of effort that executes extremity with a level of sophistication. Assertively hard-hitting and simultaneously high-brow, tracks like "To Flow Through Ashen Hearts" tout a cinematic level of quality that implements narrative along with the requisite brutality of the genre. Both poignant and punishing, Ulcerate present offer an intelligent brand of intensity making for a death metal effort that is smart - without the pretense. 

EIVØR - ENN (Season of Mist)

With a musical pedigree that sources inspiration from Portishead, Radiohead, Massive Attack and Sigur Rós to name a few, Nordic songstress Eivør helms a hauntingly beautiful presentation with her landmark 11th effort and her Season of Mist debut, Enn. Her evolved showcase of Faroese-sung folk-pop ranges from stylish downtempo to elegant power pop on a full length that never runs afoul of repeating itself. As an accomplished composer for film, television and video games, including The Last Kingdom and God of War to name a view, Eivør implements a cinematic approach in her songwriting and performances that makes these eight songs truly transportive. 


Headed by band architect and CKY founder Deron Miller, his Return to Hellview takes on re-recorded versions of CKY favorites from throughout his tenure. Revisiting tracks from 2002's Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild and 2005's An Answer Can be Found, Miller's timeless rock songwriting makes songs that are two decades old feel strangely fresh. Effective riffs, driving tempos and Miller's gruff, albeit melodic croon make for a Hellview homecoming worth going to. 
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