NEW FLESH 7/5: Releases From Vulvodynia, Blind Girls, Hold My Own and More

NEW FLESH 7/5: Releases From Vulvodynia, Blind Girls, Hold My Own and More

- By Ramon Gonzales

Check this week's collection of essential releases spanning from South African deathcore, Spanish tech-death and Australian screamo.

VULVODYNIA - ENTABENI (Unique Leader Records)

The South African deathcore unit have shared an absolute scorcher for their Unique Leader Records debut, Entabeni. Embracing cultural folklore and mythical beasts for inspiration, the combination of technicality and sheer terror packaged into the album make for a submission as monstrous as the song's source material. Combined with a guest assist from Kyle Medina of deathcore heavyweights Bodysnatcher and David Simonich of Signs of The Swarm, the genre's blue chip prospects effectively go in for the kill.



WORMED - OMEGON (Season of Mist)

Spanish Sci-Fi tech death collective Wormed showcase their unconventional rhythmic patterns, intricate melodies and elite level musicianship on their latest entry into their revered catalog. While the band's output has been less than prolific, it becomes very apparent that Wormed prioritize quality over quantity, with Omegon serving as proof. Unconventional rhythmic patters, intricate melodies, breakneck speed and unrelenting tech death fury make for presentation that is as punishing as it is precise. 


HOLD MY OWN - DA TRIFECTA EP (DAZE/Triple B Records/Streets of Hate)

Chicago hardcore outfit Hold My Own have followed their 2023 In My Way EP with the release of the Trifecta EP -a release that brings together three of the genre's most respected labels in DAZE, Triple B and Streets of Hate to release the project as a joint effort. In the vein of Biohazard, Bulldoze, and Sheer Terror, Hold My Own champion old school, brass tacks hardcore complete with signature gang vocals and meaty grooves intended to ignite the floor. The latest EP includes guest assists from Pelbu of UK hardcore crew Knuckledust, Jem Siow of Speed and Taylor Young of Twitching Tongues. 


BLUSH RESPONSE - SPRAWL (Artoffact Records)

As accomplished sound designer for the likes of Fear Factory, as well as a proven musician in his own right with stints with Front Line Assembly and Scar the Martyr under his belt, Joey Blush has established himself as a multi-faceted creative. Spearheading his own project in Blush Reponse, his Artoffact Records debut in Sprawl is a comprehensive collection of dark, dynmic, cinematic electronica that sources elements of EBM, Industrial and synth to construct massive soundscapes. The 10 track, hour long presentation is in fact, sprawling, asserting Blush's aptitude as a composer and a performer. 


BLIND GIRLS - AN EXIT EXISTS (Persistent Vision Records)

There is a horrifying, agonizing quality to Sharni Brouwer's vocals on this record that makes the category of screamo a clear understatement. For Australian unit Blind Girls, their latest is a dissonant downward spiral, countered by fits of feral attack that play out like someone fighting for their lives. This album is controlled chaos that far supersedes any novelty tied to its screamo label. It is raw, real, relentless and most certainly not for the casual listener. 




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