New Flesh: Releases from Midnight, GOST, Judas Priest & More!

New Flesh: Releases from Midnight, GOST, Judas Priest & More!

- By Cori Westbrook

Contributor Cori Westbrook compiles a shortlist of this week's necessary releases spanning death, progressive, industrial and classic heavy metal.

 This week, we delve into the pulsating heart of the metal scene, uncovering a collection of albums that range from the ferocious energy of thrash and black metal to the intricate melodies of progressive and modern metal. Join me as we explore these latest releases, each showcasing the boundless creativity and raw power that have personally captivated me and are sure to ignite your passion for metal's diverse landscape.

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist!

Exhorder – Defectum Omnium - Thrash

This album packs a visceral punch, blending Exhorder's signature thrash metal ferocity with intricate musicianship to create a soundscape that is both aggressive and melodically compelling. Defectum Omnium showcases the band's ability to evolve within their genre, delivering high-energy riffs and relentless pacing that fans old and new will appreciate. It's a testament to the band's enduring impact on the thrash metal scene, offering a fresh yet nostalgic experience.

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Gost – Prophecy - Industrial

Prophecy by Gost is a masterful blend of dark, pulsating beats and atmospheric synth layers, making it a standout album in the industrial scene. The album's seamless fusion of aggressive electronics and haunting melodies creates a captivating listening experience that's both innovative and deeply rooted in the genre's core. Gost’s ability to evoke emotion while pushing sonic boundaries makes Prophecy an unforgettable journey through the darker recesses of industrial music.

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Judas Priest – Invincible Shield - Heavy Metal

Invincible Shield finds Judas Priest in peak form, delivering a powerhouse of heavy metal anthems that resonate with their iconic sound while showcasing the band's relentless drive to innovate. The album is packed with electrifying guitar solos, commanding vocals, and anthemic choruses that solidify Judas Priest's status as metal legends. It's a triumphant celebration of the band's legacy and a thrilling addition to their storied discography.

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Kill The Lights – Death Melodies - Modern Metal

Death Melodies by Kill The Lights is a dynamic exploration of modern metal, effortlessly blending elements of thrash, metalcore, and melodic death metal. The album stands out for its technical guitar work, versatile vocals, and polished production, making it a compelling listen for anyone seeking the cutting edge of the genre. It's an album that not only satisfies the thirst for high-octane metal but also showcases the band's skill in crafting emotionally resonant and technically sophisticated music.

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Midnight – Hellish Expectations - Black N Roll

Midnight's Hellish Expectations is an exhilarating ride, blending the raw energy of black metal with the swagger of rock 'n' roll to create something uniquely addictive. The album's gritty production and infectious grooves make it an instant classic, showcasing Midnight's knack for crafting songs that are as menacing as they are memorable. It's a perfect fusion of genres, offering a fresh take on black metal that's both accessible and authentically underground.

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Myrath – Karma - Progressive Metal

Karma by Myrath is a progressive metal gem, weaving together lush melodies, intricate arrangements, and cultural influences to create a sonic tapestry that's both exotic and familiar. The album's blend of technical prowess and emotional depth showcases the band's unique ability to tell stories through their music, making Karma a compelling and immersive listening experience. It’s a testament to Myrath's place as pioneers in the genre, offering a blend of innovation and tradition that’s truly captivating.

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Skeletal Remains – Fragments Of The Ageless - Death Metal

Skeletal Remains delivers a crushing display of death metal mastery on Fragments Of The Ageless. The album is a relentless barrage of technical riffs, brutal drumming, and guttural vocals, all finely tuned to create a cohesive and devastatingly heavy experience. With its nod to the genre's roots and a keen sense of modern brutality, Fragments Of The Ageless is a must-listen for fans seeking both authenticity and innovation in death metal.

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Also out this week…


4Banned – Sanatorium (Wormholedeath)

Agonista – Grey And Dry (Armageddon)

Alterium – Of War And Flames (AFM)

Andry – Skies (Self)

Apogean – Cyberstrictive (The Artisan Era)

Arthouse Fatso – Sycophantic Seizures: A Double Feature (HPGD)

Before The Dawn – Archaic Flame EP (Napalm)

Besotten/Funerelic – Abyssal Synodality Split EP (Satanik Royaty)

Beyond The Hate – Darkest Times (Inverse)

Bite The Hand – Brutal By Design EP (Big Bite)

Cell Press – Cages (Ancient Temple)

Chatte Royal – Mick Torres Plays Too F–king Loud (Kapitan Platte)

Curse The Kings – Feral Earth (Breath Sun Bone)

Defryme – Starkiller EP (Golden Robot)

Diabolic – Blastmasters, Twisted Metal (Vic)

Discernment – To Leave (Self)

Domain – Life’s Cold Grasp (Daze)

Early Moods – A Sinners Past (RidingEasy)

Ecclesia – Ecclesia Militans (Aural)

The End Machine – The Quantum Phase (Frontiers)

Floya – Yume (Arising Empire)

Full Tone Generator – Refuge Of Sinners (Golden Robot)

Goat Major – Ritual (Ripple)

Grey Skies Fallen – Molded By Broken Hands (Profound Lore)

Hijss – Stuck On Common Ground (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Holdlajtorja – Arcana Et Tenebraem (Sun & Moon)

Houwitser – Sentinel Beast (Self)

I Am The Intimidator – I Am The Intimidator (Miserable Pyre)

Isenordal – Requiem For Eirene (Prophecy)

Kelevra – Oneiric (Self)

Kim Gordon – The Collective (Matador)

Kollapse – AR (Fysisk Format)

La Menäce – Erebus EP (7 Lamentos)

Liderc – Profan Mysterium (Sun & Moon)

Magefa – Rotting Away (Metal Incorporated)

Merrimack – Of Grace And Gravity (Season Of Mist)

Midas Fall – Cold Waves Divide Us (Monotreme)

Misophonia – (De)void Of Peace (Sliptrick)

Mist Descends – Horizons (Inverse)

Molten – Malicide (Transylvanian)

Moonoises – She – The Void (These Hands Melt)

Mutilated By Zombies – Scenes From The Afterlife (Redefining Darkness)

Nick Johnston – Child Of Bliss (Self)

None – Alive In San Jose (Self)

Notio – Worldview (Inverse)

No Worth Of Man – What’s Your Damage? EP (Self)

Observers – The Age Of The Machine Entities (Self)

Pantheist – Kings Must Die (Melancholic Realm)

Punching Moses – Live Short And Suffer (Seeing Red)

Purest Form – Purest Form EP (Self)P

Puteraeon – Quindecennial Horror EP (Emanzipation)

Romano Nervosa – From Villarosa To Rotterham (Mottow Soundz)

Sahon – Blood Shall Be Paid (Brutal)

Serpents Oath – Revelation (Odium)

Shadohm – Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment (Selfmadegod)

Slimelord – Chytridiomycosis Relinquished (20 Buck Spin)

Sociasylum – Harmony Of Discordance EP (Self)

Sonata Arctica – Clear Cold Beyond (Atomic Fire)

Sweet Teeth/First In Line/Statues/GASP – Honor Roll Of Hits Split (Lovely)

Too Close To Touch – For Keeps (Epitaph)

Trueandtrue – Back Into Quiet EP (Self)

Turbulence – Binary Dream (Frontiers)

Valhalla Awaits – Perdition EP (Self)

Vicinity – VIII (Uprising)

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