Norwegian aggressors Kvelertak debut stunning short film, 'Morild'

Norwegian aggressors Kvelertak debut stunning short film, 'Morild'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The 13-minute epic features the continued collaboration with director, Fredrik S. Hana. 

Still riding the momentum of their most recent Rise Records full length studio release, Endling, Kvelertak have further asserted why their stock is as valuable as ever with their most recent visual offering. 

Teaming with longtime visual collaborator Fredrik S. Hana, the band have unveiled a compelling 13-minute odyssey for album's epic finale, "Morild". 

Explaining the thematic narrative at the heart of Endling, Kvelertak guitarist Vidar Landa details how the presentation builds upon the universe forged on the acclaimed 2020 release, Splid, emphasizing regional folklore channeled into song. "On Endling, we tell the stories of the extinct and dying men and women of Norway. Old and new myths, culture, and rituals come to life — the folklore that doesn't fit a TV series concept. Vikings and trolls are for television. This is the real deal."

Specifying the significance of "Morild", Landa explains how the visuals and Hana's cinematic craftsmanship compliment the themes of the album. "You can watch 'Morild' as one continuous explosive journey of visual eye-candy, not one single frame is repeated, bathed in Fredrik’s beautiful, dark and violent imagery inspired by Kvelertak's music. Or look for and interpret the lyrical themes surrounding our newest album 'Endling': man vs nature, local folklore, greed, and the inevitable death of everything we know. Enjoy!"

Echoing Landa's sentiment, director Fredrik S. Hana shared the intensive labor of love that went into creating the stunning short film. 

“'Morild' marks my 4th music video for Kvelertak, starting all the way back with 'Mjød' in 2010, followed by 'Månelyst' in 2013 and '1985' in 2016. I truly cherish this collaboration and the creative space they offer. It inspires me to aim high and push boundaries. With this 'Morild', which exists somewhere between a music video and a short film, I wanted to give it my all. We spent over 6 months shooting the thing, painstakingly making everything by hand, from stop-motion animation to miniature work and practical effects. I hope the Kvelertak fans get a kick out of it and can appreciate the love (and blood and tears) we put into it." 

Endling, the fifth album from Kvelertak is now available via Rise Records. Order the release - HERE




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