Nu-school collective JYNX premieres energized new track, "Cut Loose"

Nu-school collective JYNX premieres energized new track, "Cut Loose"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The New York outfit pooling rock and hip hop showcase their step-up as songwriters with stylistic sheen.

For New York crew Jynx, the meld of rock muscle and hip hop bounce are less a conscious effort and more a byproduct of their foundation - a reflection of their NYC pedigree. 

Raised on a healthy diet of everything from Slipknot to Dipset, TOOL to DMX, Machine Head to Method Man, the band's seamless weave of supposed contrasting styles has always been an authentic reflection of what moved them collectively to get into the game to begin with. 

Extracting the energy and ethos of hard-hitting music regardless of category, Jynx has set out to bridge the styles that compelled them - playing homage to their influences while establishing an identity all their own. 

Sharing a succession of dynamic singles over the last year, heaters like "Cuchifrito" and the double serving of 2022's "Fuckin' Up" and Kid Bookie- assisted remix of "All In Caskets" showcased a sound even further distilled, sourcing hip hop and rock and that felt less like two worlds colliding and one universe evolving. 

The band's most recent showing, "Cut Loose" offers what feels to be Jynx at full force, a track that best encompasses the band's foundation while securing their foothold in the current landscape of heavy music. Working with producer Zach Jones (Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris), the track makes a turning point for the band and what suggests is the start of an auspicious new era. 

Jynx vocalist Tommy Roulette went into the thematic weight of the latest single, "'Cut Loose' is about letting someone go not because of a superiority complex, but because the way having certain people in your life can influence your choices, and alter your environment becomes more dangerous than cutting them off - whether it’s them doing it to you or you doing it to them."

Tommy further explained the backstory of the song and how circumstances gave the band time to marinate on the music and better complete it. He also shared how the single is indicative of the Jynx to come. 

"The process of this song took place in both NYC and LA with Zach Jones.  While we were recording we ended up in a situation that unfortunately delayed us from wrapping up the project sooner. In a way the delay was a blessing in disguise because it gave us the chance to sit on the tracks and truly get into the details and really make sure we could represent our absolute best work in every single song. We can’t wait to show you the rest."
"Cut Loose" from Jynx is currently available via preferred DSPs everywhere. 
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