Palace of Mourning Launches Potent Single "Atonement" with Gripping New Video

Palace of Mourning Launches Potent Single "Atonement" with Gripping New Video

- By Cori Westbrook

The band enlists  Errick Easterday to helm the visual. 

Palace of Mourning, an emerging force in the hardcore music scene featuring members from No Zodiac, Abused, and As They Burn Alive, has released a powerful new single and video for the title track of their upcoming EP, “Atonement.” Directed by Errick Easterday, the video captures the intense emotion and raw energy that the band is known for.

The single marks a significant stride in the band's journey, showcasing their ability to blend aggression with a deep sense of introspection. Vocalist Mike West, in reflecting on the creation of "Atonement," shared, “I wrote this song after having surgery, filled with pain and anger. It's about my struggles with anxiety and the feeling of being trapped. The song represents a cycle of struggle and rebirth, and it’s more visceral than anything I’ve written before.”

Palace of Mourning is set to bring their dynamic sound to fans across several cities, joining Sledge on tour this January. The tour kicks off on January 9th at The Nile Underground in Mesa, AZ, followed by performances at the Slow Death VFW in San Diego, CA, and the Knuckelhead Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA.

The band’s name, the EP title Atonement, and the single itself embody the hardcore aesthetic's heart, known for its aggressive and unyielding nature. The band's music is full of "chuggy goodness," resonating with fans who appreciate the genre's intensity.

Palace of Mourning's previous work, like the EP "Suffer," has set a high standard. "Suffer" featured tracks like “This… Is God,” “The Eternal Thirst For Revenge,” and “Under A Bleeding Moon,” all of which showcased a blend of hardcore's relentless beats and a deeply emotive undercurrent.

As the band embarks on their tour and prepares for the release of Atonement, fans of hardcore music can anticipate an immersive experience, both in their recorded tracks and live performances. With their latest release, Palace of Mourning continues to push the boundaries of the genre, offering a powerful and cathartic outlet for their listeners. Pre-order information will be revealed at a later time, so keep your eyes peeled.

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