Rotting Christ Shares Metal Epic, "Like Father, Like Son"

Rotting Christ Shares Metal Epic, "Like Father, Like Son"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The track offers the first glimpse of the band's forthcoming 14th studio album, Pro Xristou. 

Greek extreme metal veterans Rotting Christ have shared the first single from their landmark 14th studio album, Pro Xristou, due out this spring via Season of Mist. 

"Like Father, Like Son" delivers a weighty, epic entry that underscores a narrative of legacy passed down from Father to son - a storyline further emphasized with the track's accompanying video. Backed by stellar showings from guitarist/vocalist Sakis Tolis and drummer Themis Tolis, "Like Father, Like Son" presents a promising beginning of the modern era of Rotting Christ. 

"Dear brothers and sisters", Sakis prefaced. "On behalf of Rotting Christ, I proudly present to you the first video from Pro Xristou. This song is inspired by the strong relationship between a father and son. Covered by a temple of soulful melodies, 'Like Father, Like Son' gives you a taste of the epic sound behind our new album. Thanks for your attention. We hope that you'll enjoy this video, as there are many more to come!"

Thematically, the depth of the album is as vast as it's performative prowess. Rotting Christ frames Nordic mythology to present a dynamic tale of Pagan culture in the face of Christian opposition. The album offers substantive merit with a storyline that as epic as it's stylistic execution - a true achievement for a band marking 35 years of existence. 

Pro Xristou drops May 24th on Season of Mist. Get the album - HERE

Pro Xristou Tracklist 
1. Pro Xristou (Προ Χριστού) (1:29)
2. The Apostate (5:01)
3. Like Father, Like Son (4:35) [WATCH]
 4. The Sixth Day (3:56)
5. La Lettera Del Diavolo (4:01)
6. The Farewell (6:15)
7. Pix Lax Dax (4:33)
8. Pretty World, Pretty Dies (4:51)
9. Yggdrasil (5:04)
10. Saoirse (6:17)
11. Primal Resurrection (Bonus Track) (5:32) - *Deluxe Editions
12. All For One (Bonus Track) (3:37) - *Deluxe Editions
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