Ruby Da Cherry of $uicideboy$ Punk Alter-Ego Duckboy Reemerges with Second EP

Ruby Da Cherry of $uicideboy$ Punk Alter-Ego Duckboy Reemerges with Second EP

- By Ramon Gonzales

The arrival of existential hymns for the average sigma (vol. 9) includes the infectious first single, "Excalibur".

Asserting an incredibly prolific creative pace, Ruby Da Cherry, one half of $uicideboys$, has delivered his second solo EP under the moniker, Duckboy.

Having debuted his musical alter ego earlier this year with the release of tragic love songs to study to [vol. 5], Ruby embraces his punk roots with a sound that harkens back to his days of tooling around in bands with a punk pedigree - influenced by the likes of Misfits, Minor Threat, and Leftover Crack.

Helming the totality of the project, Duckboy is 100% Ruby, with the musician handling the entirety of the compositions from instrumentation to vocals, concept to execution. On his second EP, existential hymns for the average sigma (vol. 9), Ruby explores his own personal journey while delving into themes outside of the $uicideboy$ universe. 

Introducing the second EP, DUCKBOY has unveiled the single "Excalibur" - a vibrant cut that not only underscores Ruby's creative bandwidth, but emphasizes a level of expertise that only surprises those not in the know. Driving guitars, anthemic choruses and lively percussion makes for a commanding lead single 

As haldf of $uicideboy$, Ruby helped propel $uicideboy$ top become one of the most-streamed groups in US. The single "Not Even Ghosts Are This Empty" was added to both Best Groups of 2023 and Top Gaming Tracks of 2023. on Spotify.  

Folloiwing the success of their massive arena Grey Day run, the $uicideboy$ will head to Australia and New Zealand on March 22nd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th and 30th spanning Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Additionally, $uicideboy$ is among the very top at Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles from March 15-17. Tickets for all things $uicideboy$ can be found - HERE

existential hymns for the average sigma (vol. 9) from DUCKBOY is currently available - HERE



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