Season of Mist Teams With Non-Profit Savage Lands to Combat Costa Rican Deforestation

Season of Mist Teams With Non-Profit Savage Lands to Combat Costa Rican Deforestation

- By Ramon Gonzales

The project is spearheaded by Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren, Costa Rican musician-turned-activist Sylvain Demercastel, rounded out by Andres Kisser of  Sepultura and John Tardy of Obituary. 

Extreme music authority Season of Mist is making history in becoming the first record label to release the music of a non-profit organization. Joining forces with Savage Lands, the union have debuted "The Last Howl" - a weighty track that showcases the combined prowess of some of metal's most respected names coming together for a great cause. 

Savage Lands is a collaborative project started by Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren and Costa Rican musician/activist Sylvain Demercastel. Enlisting the expertise of John Tardy of Obituary and Andreas Kisser of Sepultura, the core of Savage Lands began their campaign to combat deforestation in the lush landscape of Costa Rica. 

"Hearing the chainsaw on a daily basis, because of a recent real estate fever destroying Costa Rica's ecosystem, we thought it was time to start a new type of action", says Sylvain. "We are reaching out to this great active community of metalheads."

100% of the royalties from the single will go toward protecting threatened lands from ongoing deforestation.  The organization raises money to aid in reforestation projects and the building sanctuaries for wildlife threatened by the disruption of their natural habitat.  

"If you want to make a difference, take action! Our greatest hope with SAVAGE LANDS is that it will inspire you to join us, and if you can, to start your own initiative to help preserve animals, forests, and our planet", says Dirk.

To learn more about Savage Lands and to make a contribution visit the organization online - HERE


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