Serj Tankian Previews New Single "A.F. Day"

Serj Tankian Previews New Single "A.F. Day"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The track lands next month and previews Tankian's pending EP, Foundations, due out via Gibson Records later this year.

Photo by Maurice Nunez

Accomplished multi-hyphenate Serj Tankian has announced his partnership with Gibson Records in what will be the next iteration of his already storied career - both as a solo artist in addition to his accolades as the frontman for System Of A Down. 

Following his recent standout showing at Sick New World, headlining with SOAD, the vocalist is now confirming his next solo endeavor, announcing a pending EP release with Gibson Records as well a tease of the first new single set to arrive May 17th. "A.F. Day" will mark the introductory single for the EP, Foundations, which is due out later this fall. 

Brandishing an insightful, articulate aggression, "A.F. Day" underscores Tankian's signature bite and uncanny ability to convey a profound sense of dissent in song. The vocalist explained the origins of the track and how it has existed in some iteration for quite some time. 

“This is a song I wrote in the early days of SOAD that I never released. The majority of the instrumentation and vocals are recordings from that time. Dystopian in mood, it’s a reflection of the angst and anti-authoritarian attitude I had to conformity.”



The arrival of "A.F. Day" heralds Tankian's newest solo campaign via Gibson Records - adding to what is shaping up to be a fruitful year for Tankian. In addition to the new EP, Tankian will also be releasing his debut memoir, Down With the System next month via Hachete Books. 

To support the arrival of the book, Tankian will host book events in New York City, Brooklyn and Los Angeles next month. Additionally, on August 17, Serj will perform with System Of A Down for a headlining, sold-out show at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA - a show that sold out near instantly up on-sale. 

Down With the System, the debut memoir from Serj Tankian arrives May 14th via Hachette Books. Order the release - HERE

"A.F. Day", the first single from the EP, Foundations, arrives May 17th via Gibson Records. Stay tuned for more from Serj soon. 


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