UK Doomgaze Quartet Sugar Horse Signs with Pelagic Records, Embarks on Tour with LLNN

UK Doomgaze Quartet Sugar Horse Signs with Pelagic Records, Embarks on Tour with LLNN

- By Cori Westbrook

The news arrives following the recent release of the band's lauded EP, Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico.

The UK's doomgaze music scene is buzzing with excitement as the heavy-hitting quartet Sugar Horse announces their signing with renowned label Pelagic Records. This significant move is coupled with the revelation of a February 2024 tour, where they will be supporting their labelmates LLNN, showcasing their unique blend of sludge-punk and ambient melodies.

Sugar Horse, known for their monolithic and unique sound will kick off their tour in London at the Boston Music Room on February 3rd. The tour will see them perform across various European cities, including Paris, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin, concluding on February 11th at Berlin's Urban Spree.


Feb 03: UK, London Boston Music Room
Feb 04: FR, Paris Glazart
Feb 05: CH, Lucerne Sedel
Feb 06: AT, Vienna Chelsea
Feb 07: PL, Krakow Kamienna12
Feb 08: PL, Warsaw Hydrozagadka
Feb 09: PL, Wroclaw Lacznik
Feb 10: CZ, Prague Kasarna Karlin
Feb 11: DE, Berlin Urban Spree

This announcement follows the release of their latest EP, Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, dropped on November 3rd via Fat Dracula Records and distributed in the US by Metal Blade Records. The EP, an epic single-song composition, dives deep into the musical possibilities of the note A, showcasing the band's signature expansive and introspective style.

Reflecting on their new single/EP, Sugar Horse comments, "This section kind of feels like stepping into the eye of a particularly lengthy storm. It’s a short reprieve where we break everything down before climbing back up that staircase again. Lyrically it describes the catharsis of art. You can take in any pain, hurt and bullshit from day to day like, then use it to generate something positive and beautiful. There’s something I find unbelievably beautiful in that kind of genesis. It’s probably the closest I come to any kind of religious thought. You take hell and turn it into heaven."

Telling the story of Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, the band states: "It’s frequently been difficult for us, as a band, to limit ourselves to “normal” pop song lengths and structures….as evidenced in pretty much all of our releases to date. From time to time we feel the need to loose the ropes that bind us and let our Long & Tedious flag fly freely. Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico is the result of said untethering.

"We’ve always found the idea of exploring a single note over long stretches of time interesting and this song is that idea taken to an extreme logical conclusion. It’s an exploration of the note A in all its possible variations."

Sugar Horse's journey in the music scene has been marked by versatility and evolution. Having toured with post-rock legends like 65daysofstatic and performing at notable festivals such as ArcTanGent, the band has steadily grown in stature and creativity. Their 2021 debut album, The Live Long After, recorded in a former Lutheran church, received critical acclaim for its dynamic and unpredictable nature, blending extreme aggression with serene post-metal elements.

2022 continued the band's momentum with the release of the anthemic single "Pictures Of Dogs Having Sex," followed by the genre-defying Waterloo Teeth EP. This project featured collaborations with a diverse array of artists from the British music scene, including members from IDLES, Conjurer, Pupil Slicer, and Biffy Clyro/Oceansize, further solidifying Sugar Horse's place as innovators in their field.

Sugar Horse, comprising Ashley Tubb (vocals/guitar), Jake Healy (baritone guitar, keyboards), Chris Howarth (bass), and Martin Savage (drums), continues to defy expectations, blending dark and light, pain and bliss, sacred and profane in their music. Their rise in the doomgaze genre is a journey of relentless experimentation and artistic growth.


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