Thrash Documentary 'Murder in the Front Row' - Now Streaming

Thrash Documentary 'Murder in the Front Row' - Now Streaming

Back in 2011, the book Murder in the Front Row: Shots from the Bay Area Thrash Metal Epicenter quickly proved to be an essential addition to the narrative of metal music in North America. While the images provided a first-hand account of the energy and importance of the scene, it seemed only a matter of time until the pages would be translated into something more.

Acclaimed director Adam Dubin assumed the ambitious task of exploring the story behind the images of the book in his documentary adaptation, Murder in the Front Row. The result is a comprehensive collection of testimonials direct from the people and personalities that were immersed in the same culture they helped to create. Drawing parallels to New York's punk movement in the 70's, thrash music in California's Bay Area would become definitive in its influence and global in reach. The film functions as historical look at the origins of the sound and the significance of the bands that made some of the earliest contributions.

In terms of credentials, the roster of musicians that sat in the interview chair is thoroughly impressive. Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson of Megadeth, Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt, and Tom Hunting of Exodus, Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick of Testament, Kerry King and Tom Araya of Slayer, Larry LaLonde of Possessed, Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel of Vio-lence, Charlie Benante of Anthrax, as well as the entire current line-up of Metallica, recount a moment in time that transformed the landscape of metal music for generations to come.

The film is currently streaming on VIMEO and is now available on DVD. The Deluxe Edition includes some additional 90-minutes of never-before-seen footage.

Watch the trailer and a few clips below.

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