Uniform To Release ‘American Standard’ Via Sacred Bones

Uniform To Release ‘American Standard’ Via Sacred Bones

- By Ramon Gonzales

Preview the album with the single “This Is Not A Prayer” which delves into the harsh realities of  vocalist Michael Berdan’s battle with bulimia nervosa.

Photo by Joshua Zucker-Pluda & Sean Stout

Heavy music outliers Uniform have revealed plans to release their next full length, American Standard, August 23rd via Sacred Bones. The album asserts the band’s take of percussive-driven intensity, spearheaded by guitarist Ben Greenberg and anchored by the tandem drumming of Michael Sharp and Michael Blume. 

The presentation showcases the articulate, aggressive compositions of Greenberg while establishing a musical bedrock for vocalist and original member Michael Berdan to explore personal trauma on what amounts to an especially poignant effort.

Particularly on the introductory single, “This Is Not A Prayer” depicts Berdan harrowing battle with bulimia nervosa. The vocalist explained,

“‘This Is Not A Prayer’ touches on the internal paradox that I’ve experienced while in the throes of an eating disorder. It’s about how the best I’ve ever felt about my physical appearance came when the people I love have told me that I look sick. Rather than taking their concerns to heart, I internalized these sentiments as proof that I was on the right track. I was not.”



Stylistically, Uniform cover a broad spectrum, sourcing various elements of dynamic harshness on record. With an emphasis on the pulse of these songs, Bardan revealed how the power of their latest showing is rooted in percussion.

“Existing in the netherworld between Public Image Ltd. and Butthole Surfers, ‘This Is Not A Prayer’ best exemplifies the bludgeoning percussive interplay between dual drummers Michael Sharp and Michael Blume. Similar to bands like Swans or even Meshuggah, the guitar, bass, and vocals on this track act in complete service to what’s happening on the kits. The song is as purely rhythmic as we’ve ever dared to attempt, and we hope that these beats will take you where you need to go. Drums should serve as lead instruments in extreme music more often…”

While traversing then dark themes of self-destruction and disillusionment en route to eventual self-discovery, American Standard, at its core emphasizes the creative kinship between Greenberg and Berdan. The guitarist and principle songwriter in Greenberg spoke about how mutual trust proved integral in seeing American Standard to its complete potential.

“When we started this record, Berdan told me: ‘I trust you to come up with a solid foundation for this, however you envision this thing. I want you to realize it completely, because I believe in you.’ So I wanted to write something overwhelming and all-encompassing for Berdan to lead his narrative through… because I trust and believe in him.”

Paired with the confirmation of the new album, Uniform has set a handful of live dates surrounding the release date. With Poison Ruin, LEYA and World Peace each taking on select dates, Uniform will showcase selections from American Standard live starting with an album release show August 30th in New York. The band will then take on a concise West Coast stretch of tour dates, wrapping September 10th in Tacoma, WA.

American Standard lands August 23rd via Sacred Bones. Order the album - HERE


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