Venera Unveils Enthralling Video for "Triangle" in Collaboration with Alain Johannes

Venera Unveils Enthralling Video for "Triangle" in Collaboration with Alain Johannes

- By Cori Westbrook

The ambitious joint effort from James Shaffer and Chris Hunt gets a virtuoso guest assist on the latest offering from their self-titled debut. 

The dark ambient duo Venera, comprising James Shaffer and Chris Hunt, has just released a captivating video for their track "Triangle," featuring the esteemed Alain Johannes. This release is part of their debut album, now available through Ipecac Recordings.

The album, praised for its blend of industrial electronica, has been lauded by PopMatters for its "flawless professionalism and expertise," and described by New Noise as a cinematic journey, akin to a sci-fi movie soundtrack. ReGen Magazine highlights the album's disquieting yet beautifully chaotic nature, challenging listeners to delve into its complex soundscapes.

Shaffer expressed his admiration for Johannes, “We were so excited to hear that Alain was going to be contributing to our album. His sense of melody is so unique – it felt perfect for this and I’ve been a fan of his for years. When we heard what he had done over the track, we were so impressed with his performance. We knew he had captured this moment, and this legend!”

Johannes was equally enthused about the collaboration. “Singing on ‘Triangle’ with Venera was a real treat,” adds Alain Johannes. “The atmosphere immediately inspired and guided the melody and mood and I loved exploring to find a resonant vocal quality and imagery. One of my favorite collaborations.”

The video for "Triangle," directed by Samanta Garcia, is  a spellbinding experience, where viewers are absorbed into a world of strange technology and transformation. It features post-production enhancements by Anthony Ciannamea, adding to the video's immersive quality.

Venera's debut album is not just an auditory experience but also a visual feast, with earlier releases like "Swarm" and "Hologram" featuring Rizz from VOWWS, "Disintegration" with Deantoni Parks (The Mars Volta, John Cale), and "Ochre" featuring Jake Duzsik from HEALTH. The album is available for streaming and purchase digitally, on CD, and in various vinyl editions including limited-edition red, snowy white, and skull gold variants.

This collaboration between L.A.-based Shaffer and Atlanta-based Hunt began in early 2022 in Downtown Los Angeles. Their mutual interest in dramatic textures, electronics, and experimentation led to an improvisational recording process. This approach aims to create a unique sonic universe, marked by evolving atmospheres, cinematic noise, and selective artist collaborations.

The duo's journey can be experienced through their album here.

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