Vitriol Unveils New Single "Shame and Its Afterbirth"

Vitriol Unveils New Single "Shame and Its Afterbirth"

- By Cori Westbrook

The single previews the forthcoming album Suffer & Become, which lands later this month.

The death metal scene is abuzz as Portland-based band Vitriol releases its latest single, "Shame and Its Afterbirth," along with a striking dual guitar and bass play-through video. This new release marks the third single from their much-anticipated sophomore album, Suffer & Become, slated for release on January 26, 2024, via Century Media Records. Pre-orders are available HERE

Kyle Rasmussen, the guitarist and vocalist of Vitriol, sheds light on the track's significance, describing it as a celebration of our innate nature and a critique of modernity's alienating effects. Rasmussen, expressing personal attachment, calls it his favorite musical composition, epitomizing the depth and peaks he aimed to achieve in the album.

The album's artwork, crafted by Dylan Humphries, captures the essence of Vitriol's dark and intense musical direction.

Founded in 2013, Vitriol, comprising Kyle Rasmussen, bassist and co-vocalist Adam Roethlisberger, guitarist Daniel Martinez, and drummer Matt Kilner, has continually pushed the boundaries of death metal. Their journey, beginning with the Antichrist demo in 2013, reflects a relentless pursuit of emotional intensity and musical precision.

Their debut with Century Media, To Bathe from the Throat of Cowardice, released in 2019, received critical acclaim and solidified their reputation as genre innovators. The band's commitment to an emotionally charged, aggressive sound has become their hallmark, earning them a loyal fan base and respect within the metal community.

Suffer & Become represents a pivotal moment for Vitriol. The album, produced and mixed by Dave Otero, known for his work with Archspire and Cattle Decapitation, is not just a progression in their musical journey but also a personal triumph for Rasmussen. He describes the album as a reflection of his journey through personal and psychological challenges, aiming for a sound that is dark yet hopeful.

The album showcases the band's evolution, balancing their trademark intense darkness with moments of beauty and optimism. With tracks like "Weaponized Loss" and "The Flowers of Sadism," Vitriol offers a unique experience in the death metal genre, infusing raw emotion into their complex and powerful sound.

As they continue to redefine the boundaries of death metal, Vitriol stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the relentless pursuit of artistic vision.

Suffer & Become is due out January 26, 2024 via Century Media Records. Pre-orders are available HERE

Suffer & Become track listing:

  1. Shame and its Afterbirth 
  2. The Flowers of Sadism
  3. Nursing from the Mother Wound
  4. The Isolating Lie of Learning Another
  5. Survival's Careening Inertia
  6. Weaponized Loss
  7. Flood of Predation
  8. Locked in Thine Frothing Wisdom
  9. I am Every Enemy
  10. He Will Fight Savagely
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