VRSTY Unleashes Mesmerizing Music Video for Latest Single "Glad You Came"

VRSTY Unleashes Mesmerizing Music Video for Latest Single "Glad You Came"

- By Cori Westbrook

The full length, 'Levitate' is due out later this month via Spinefarm.

New York City's genre-blending powerhouse, VRSTY (pronounced "Varsity"), is setting things ablaze with the release of their electrifying new music video for the latest single, "Glad You Came." "Glad You Came" is taken from their upcoming album, Levitate, which is set to be released October 27th via Spinefarm Records. 

Fronted by the charismatic Joey Varela on vocals and featuring Javy Dorrejo on bass, Chris Cody on drums, and Paul Gregory on guitar, VRSTY has a reputation for pushing boundaries and challenging genre norms. 

"Glad You Came" exudes vocal swagger and is infused with crunchy grooves, making it an instant favorite for fans and newcomers alike. The band's message is clear: "Glad You Came" is an anthem of self-empowerment, encouraging listeners to live life on their terms without caring about what others may think.

"'Glad You Came' is about doing what you want and not caring what anybody has to say in the matter," the band says. "'Live your life to the fullest' — that's the safe version."

Directed by a visionary team, the video is a testament to VRSTY's commitment to delivering a complete sensory experience with their music.

As VRSTY continues to redefine the boundaries of music, their new album promises to be a testament to their fearless ambition and unwavering passion. With a sound as diverse as the city that inspired them, VRSTY is poised to take the music world by storm.

Levitate is due out October 27th via Spinefarm. Pre-order it here

Levitate Track List:

  1. "Fuck You Forever"
  2. "Back to Back"
  3. "No Chill"
  4. "Black & Blue"
  5. "Wide Awake"
  6. "Dangerous"
  7. "The Plug"
  8. "The Way It Is"
  9. "Doomed"
  10. "Kill The Rich"
  11. "Glad You Came"
  12. "Powerless"
  13. "Can You Love Me"
  14. "The Feeling"
  15. "Levitate"


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