Tied Down Detroit Showcases the Best of Hardcore With Have Heart, Drain, Youth of Today and More

Tied Down Detroit Showcases the Best of Hardcore With Have Heart, Drain, Youth of Today and More

- By Ramon Gonzales

Check the gallery of images from Detroit's celebration of hardcore from generations past, present and future.

The 2024 edition of Detroit's congregation of hardcore in Tied Down Fest proved historic. Punctuated by a headlining appearance from beloved Massachusetts hardcore lifers Have Heart, the fest appearance was a highlight in the limited run of reunion shows, making the band's first outing since 2019.

The Have Heart set at Tied Down also touted the added significance of being part of a finite amount of shows the band has left - with only Sound and Fury, Outbreak in Manchester and the band's two headlining shows in Brooklyn and Boston remaining. 

Joining the likes of Drain, Terror, Youth of Today, No Pressure, Angel Du$t and God's Hate to name a few, the two-day gathering took over the Russell Industrial Center in the heart of Motor City, underscoring the thriving health of hardcore with a roster that showcased the generational depth of the genre. 

With respected contributors like Terror and Youth of Today anchoring the line-up, hardcore's next on deck were proved an integral part of Tied Down's 2024 identity. Bands like End It from Baltimore, Bad Beat out of Mass and punk-forward Cosmic Joke further functioned two-fold - offering testament to the sound's rich lineage while asserting the future of hardcore looks as bright and dynamic as ever. 

Of course the bill's biggest draws in Have Heart and breakout sensation Drain proved well worth lumps taken on the floor, as dividing line bet the stage and the fans was not only blurred, but buried. Emphasizing the communal aspect of a proper hardcore show, even the fest's biggest bands spent most of their stage time shared with fans either looking to join in on the microphone or leap in the sea of humanity that huddled in front of the band. 

Championing the DIY ethos and aspect of community that best defines hardcore, Tied Down in Detroit celebrated those facets and then some - framing the importance of the bands, the fans and the symbiotic connection that exists between the two. 

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