DeathCollector assert their expertise in extremity with 'Death's Toll'

DeathCollector assert their expertise in extremity with 'Death's Toll'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The passion project featuring members of Bolt Thrower, Memoriam, Ashen Crown and Zealot Cult premiere their full length, 9-track onslaught via Prosthetic Records.

Comprised of members of death metal stalwarts Bolt Thrower, Memoriam, Ashen Crown and Zealot Cult British/Irish outfit DEATHCOLLECTOR have been on a tear as Prosthetic Records’ latest pulverizing prospects.

Forged as a creative outlet in 2021, the extreme metal lifers ultimately surfaced with a their debut EP hat caught fire with, Time’s Up.

Tapping into the source material of early hardcore and punk that eventually gave rise to UK’s glory days of death metal, DEATHCOLLECTOR showcase classic brutality while evolving their brand of extremity refined from years of experience.

The EP would be enough to not only resonate with a passionate, underground fanbase, but also draw the attention of Prosthetic Records. From there, the band began work on what would eventually be the Death’s Toll sessions – amounting to their label debut.

The band shared of the announcement, “The album is a mixture of all things we’ve loved in music over the years. Everyone involved has put their heart and soul into this release, and we are eager to see where this opportunity will take us… For now we’ll leave you with the first single, A Taste of Ichor. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it!”

Launching their campaign earlier this spring, the band delivered the introductory single from the album in “A Taste of Ichor“ - a durable flex of death metal heft that frames the intricacy and intensity that defines the genre.

Ahead of the official release of the debut LP in Death's Toll, DEATHCOLLECTOR are premiering the album in full. Underscoring the collective's classic sensibilities, flawless performance execution and dismal rumination on mortality, the 9-track presentation is a powerful introduction pummel and prowess.

Stream the debut LP, Death's Toll from DEATHCOLLECTOR below.

Death’s Toll, the debut album from DEATHCOLLECTOR arrives June 23rd via Prosthetic Records.

Death’s Toll tracklist
1. Death’s Toll
2. Mental Hedonist
3. DeathCollector
4. Coarse Visions
5. Terrorizer
6. A Taste of Ichor
7. Internal Expansion
8. Revel In The Gore
9. Rearview Guilt

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