Teenage prodigy Henry Chauhan comes into his own with the mesh of metalcore and drill, "Curse Me'

Teenage prodigy Henry Chauhan comes into his own with the mesh of metalcore and drill, "Curse Me'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The young talent has gone from viral drummer to emerging songwriter bridging metalcore and EDM with promising results.

The kind of people that have a clear vision of what they want their professional path to be are few and far between. The people that have an their professional endgame set at all of five years of age are non-existent.

Then there is Henry Chauhan.

At just five years old he sat behind the drum kit and had a revelation. This was it. This was where he would thrive.This was where he belonged.

Having that kind of unique focus and unwavering drive, Chauhan would throw caution to the wind and immerse himself in music - eventually documenting his progress and becoming a bit of a online fixture. By 11, he was already somewhat of a viral presence, racking up more than 40,000 subscribers to his Youtube Channel in just the first six months of publishing.

By 2020, Chauhan had already secured an endorsement with Pearl Drums and was well on his way to becoming a star. Over the course of the next couple of years, he would publish a diverse succession of covers at a rapid clip, showcasing not only his percussive potential, but his well-rounded ear - tallying an impressive amount of views in the process.

In 2023 however, Chauhan took the massive step of making something this own. Having spent the last three years building his brand in covering other people's work, the young talent saw it time to begin his own journey, making his own musical contribution.

Working with producer Jim Pinder, Chauhan released his first single at the start of the year with "Arctic Noise". A few months later, the songwriter followed up with the release of his sophomore single, "Meant To Be". Both tracks implemented the drummer turned songwriter's natural penchant for power - leaning into the hefty cadence of metalcore. However, the songs both embraced a sense of melody accented by hints of EDM and an orchestral accoutrement that proved dynamic, daring.

For Chauhan's latest effort, "Curse Me", the teenage prodigy has fasserted his shift from viral drummer to bonafide craftsman, fusing his knack for metalcore with elements of UK drill. The stylistic mesh is testament to the musician's boundless passion and his obvious commitment to roping in as many styles of music as he can.


Equally effective as it is poignant, Chauhan's knack for composing well-published pieces of comtemporary metalcore is underscored by his ability to write heartfelt stanzas. On "Curse Me", the songwriter explores heavy themes, tackling isolation, despair and the notion of redemption with sweeping hooks and swift lyrical delivery.

Charging ahead with confidence in his craft, the advantage of youth and a consuming desire to be the very best, Chauhan is taking inspirational cues from the likes of Architects and Linkin Park to solidify his own place in the space of contemporary rock. Sourcing from various genres, the teenage sensation is on track make a lasting contribution to the culture by taking his wealth of influences to make something all his own.

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