Liesl Ahlers dissects the high stakes of life and death on Screen Crusades

Liesl Ahlers dissects the high stakes of life and death on Screen Crusades

- By Ramon Gonzales

The starlet shares her excitement in working with director Alastair Orr and how the horror genre challenges actors to tap into real emotion from scary scenarios.

Liesl Ahlers of the survival horror flick Triggered guested on the latest episode of Screen Crusades.

Sharing her involvement in the project, the actress discussed how she was immediately excited about getting involved because it meant that she would be working with director Alastair Orr. Once Ahlers read the script however, the her interest really piqued considering the unique human element of such a niche subgenre of horror.

The story about a group of friends confronted with a situation of survival in being held hostage with bombs strapped to their bodies makes for a compelling fight or flight scenario that not only offers a tense cinematic experience but also provides interesting commentary about humanity, survival, and how people react when faced with such grim realities.

Since her first foray into the horror category with her role in the film Friend Request, Ahlers has become much more enamored with the genre because the creativity and the inventiveness that comes with being put into such dire situations as an actress. The life and death stakes really require a keen ability to conjure and project emotion and to be able to convincingly translate that on film is true testament to the actor/ress tasked with the role.

Ahlers would also detail the filming process and how efficient the cast and crew were thoughtout the prodcution. Completing the entire filming portion in just 11 days, Ahlers attributed that kind of streamlined effort to the absolute focus that everyone was able to connect with from the very beginning of the process. The mood onset was enthusiastic as everyone that was working seemed not only focused but excited about being apart of such fun film.

Watch the complete interview with Liesl Ahlers on the newest segment of Screen Crusade with Ryan Downey below.

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