Screen Crusades: Weekly Streaming Guide 5.3.24

Screen Crusades: Weekly Streaming Guide 5.3.24

- By Nicolas Delgadillo

Elisabeth Moss headlines a new spy thriller on Hulu while dramas abound across streaming this week


‘The Veil’ (Hulu)

Starring Elisabeth Moss, FX’s The Veil is a spy thriller that explores the surprising and fraught relationship between two women who play a deadly game of truth and lies on the road from Istanbul to Paris and London. One woman has a secret, the other a mission to reveal it before thousands of lives are lost. In the shadows, the CIA and French DGSE must work together to avert potential disaster.

‘Hacks (Season 3)’ (Max)

A dark mentorship forms between Deborah Vance, a legendary Las Vegas comic, and an entitled, outcast 25-year-old comedy writer.

‘A Man in Full’ (Netflix)

When Atlanta real estate mogul Charlie Croker faces sudden bankruptcy, political and business interests collide as Charlie defends his empire from those attempting to capitalize on his fall from grace.

‘Acapulco (Season 3)’ (Apple TV+)

In season three of Acapulco, it’s time to reconcile past mistakes and exciting new beginnings. In the present story, older Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) finds himself returning to a Las Colinas he no longer recognizes. While in 1985, younger Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) continues his climb up the ladder of success while potentially jeopardizing all the relationships he’s worked so hard to build.

‘The Contestant’ (Hulu)

Aspiring comedian Tomoaki Hamatsu, nicknamed Nasubi, unwittingly becomes an extreme case study on a Japanese reality TV show.

‘Secrets of the Neanderthals’ (Netflix)

This series takes viewers on a journey from their preconceptions of Neanderthals as a dim-witted creature to a complex and creative people, through the lens of a unique, ongoing excavation and a landmark new discovery - the best-preserved Neanderthal skeleton found in over a quarter century.

‘Unfrosted’ (Netflix)

Michigan, 1963. Kellogg's and Post, sworn cereal rivals, race to create a pastry that will change the face of breakfast. A tale of ambition, betrayal, sugar, and menacing milkmen, Unfrosted stars Jerry Seinfeld in his directorial debut.

‘The Holdovers’ (Prime Video)

Last year's Oscar-nominated The Holdovers follows a curmudgeonly instructor (Paul Giamatti) at a New England prep school who is forced to remain on campus during Christmas break to babysit the handful of students with nowhere to go. Eventually he forms an unlikely bond with one of them -- a damaged, brainy troublemaker (newcomer Dominic Sessa) -- and with the school’s head cook, who has just lost a son in Vietnam (Da’Vine Joy Randolph).

‘The Jester’ (Shudder)

A malevolent being known as The Jester terrorizes the inhabitants of a small town on Halloween night, including two estranged sisters who must come together to find a way to defeat this evil entity.

‘Beautiful Rebel’ (Netflix)

The origin story of one of Italy's greatest rock stars, Gianna Nannini, who chased her dream despite obstacles from her family and the music industry.


‘Abbot Elementary (Season 3)’ (Hulu)

A group of dedicated teachers are brought together in a Philadelphia public school where, despite the odds stacked against them, they are determined to help their students succeed. The touching and hilarious sitcom is back for a third season, with the first eleven episodes now streaming.

‘Ninja Kamui’ (Max)

Former ninja Joe Higan escaped his clan and is hiding from his violent past in rural America; one night, he is ambushed by a team of assassins from his former organization who exact a bloody retribution on Joe for betraying their code. The first twelve episodes are now streaming.

‘X-Men ‘97’ (Disney+)

In this reimagining of the classic cartoon, a band of mutants use their uncanny gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them; they're challenged like never before, forced to face a dangerous and unexpected new future. The first eight episodes are now streaming.

‘Palm Royale’ (Apple TV+)

Palm Royale is a true underdog story that follows Maxine Simmons (Kristen Wiig) as she endeavors to break into Palm Beach high society. As Maxine attempts to cross that impermeable line between the haves and the have-nots, “Palm Royale” asks the same question that still baffles us today: “How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to get what someone else has?” Set during the powder keg year of 1969, Palm Royale is a testament to every outsider fighting for their chance to truly belong. The first nine episodes are now streaming.

A Gentleman in Moscow’ (Paramount+)

A Gentleman in Moscow follows Count Alexander Rostov (Ewan McGregor), who, in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, finds that his gilded past has placed him on the wrong side of history. Spared immediate execution, he is banished by a Soviet tribunal to an attic room in a grand Moscow hotel and threatened with death if he ever sets foot outside again. As the years pass and some of the most tumultuous decades in Russian history unfold outside the hotel’s doors, Rostov’s reduced circumstances provide him entry into a much larger world of emotional discovery. The first six episodes are now streaming.

‘Sugar’ (Apple TV+)

Colin Farrell stars as John Sugar, an American private investigator on the heels of the mysterious disappearance of Olivia Siegel, the beloved granddaughter of legendary Hollywood producer Jonathan Siegel. As Sugar tries to determine what happened to Olivia, he will also unearth Siegel family secrets; some very recent, others long-buried. The first five episodes are now streaming.

‘Star Trek: Discovery (Season 5)’ (Paramount+)

The fifth and final season will find Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery uncovering a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. But there are others on the hunt as well… dangerous foes who are desperate to claim the prize for themselves and will stop at nothing to get it. The first six episodes are now streaming.

‘Loot (Season 2)’ (Apple TV+)

Loot returns a year after Molly Wells (Maya Rudolph) settles her very public divorce from tech billionaire John Novak (Adam Scott), and we find her thriving in her role as the head of her philanthropic organization, the Wells Foundation. Focused mainly on her charity work, Molly has sworn off any new relationships with men. The first six episodes are now streaming.

‘Franklin’ (Apple TV+)

Based on Pulitzer Prize winner Stacy Schiff’s book, “A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America,” Franklin explores the thrilling story of the greatest gamble of Benjamin Franklin’s career. In December 1776, Franklin is world famous for his electrical experiments, but his passion and power are put to the test when — as the fate of American independence hangs in the balance — he embarks on a secret mission to France. The first six episodes are now streaming.

‘The Sympathizer’ (Max)

Near the end of the Vietnam War, a spy who was embedded in the South Vietnam army flees to the United States and takes up residence in a refugee community, where he continues to gather intelligence and report back to the Viet Cong. The first three episodes are now streaming.

‘Under the Bridge’ (Hulu)

Under the Bridge is based on acclaimed author Rebecca Godfrey’s book about the 1997 true story of fourteen-year old Reena Virk (Vritika Gupta) who went to join friends at a party and never returned home. Through the eyes of Godfrey (Riley Keough) and a local police officer (Lily Gladstone), the series takes us into the hidden world of the young girls accused of the murder — revealing startling truths about the unlikely killer. The first four episodes are now streaming.

‘The Big Door Prize (Season 2)’ (Apple TV+)

Based on M.O. Walsh’s novel, The Big Door Prize season two follows the residents of Deerfield as the Morpho machine readies them for the mysterious “next stage.” As everyone’s potentials are exchanged for visions, new relationships form and new questions are asked. The first four episodes are now streaming.

Also streaming now:

Netflix - ‘Boiling Point’, ‘Fiasco’, ‘Airport’, ‘Black Clover (Season 2)’, ‘Blended’, ‘Blue Mountain State’, ‘Dark Waters’, ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, ‘Eat Pray Love’, ‘Girls Trip’, ‘Hellboy (2019)’, ‘Hulk’, ‘Jumanji’, ‘Jujutsu Kaisen (Season 1)’, ‘Liar Liar’, ‘Mortal Kombat’, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’, ‘One More Shot’, ‘Outlander (Season 6)’, ‘Patriots Day’, ‘Public Enemies’, ‘Ride Along’, ‘Shrek’, ‘Starship Troopers’, ‘The Edge of Seventeen’, ‘The Equalizer’, ‘The Gentlemen’, ‘The Great Wall’, ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’, ‘The Young Victoria’, ‘Traffic’, ‘White House Down’, ‘Lola’, ‘Shadow in the Cloud’, ‘2 Hearts’

Hulu - ‘m‘The Beach’, ‘Big’, ‘Big Daddy’, ‘Black Hawk Down’, ‘The Bounty Hunter’, ‘Cast Away’, ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’, ‘Elvis’, ‘Good Boys’, ‘The Joy Luck Club’, ‘The King’s Man’, ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’, ‘The Mask’, ‘The Negotiator’, ‘Ocean’s 8’, ‘Once Upon a Time in America’, ‘Rushmore’, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’, ‘Walk the Line’, ‘White Chicks’, ‘300’, ‘Mad Money’, ‘Bad Reputation’

Shudder - ‘Blood and Black Lace’, ‘YellowBrickRoad’, ‘Mean Spirited’, ‘The Toxic Avenger Tetralogy’

Max - ‘Black Christmas (2019)’, ‘Crank’, ‘Crank: High Voltage’, ‘The Dead Don’t Die’, ‘Don Jon’, ‘The Edge’, ‘The Florida Project’, ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’, ‘Jersey Boys’, ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’, ‘The Lighthouse’, ‘Mad Max’, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, ‘Sisters’, ‘Stop Making Sense’

Prime Video - ‘The Idea of You’, ‘12 Angry Men’, ‘3:10 to Yuma’, ‘A Dangerous Method’, ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Airplane!’, ‘Atonement’, ‘Bottle Rocket’, ‘Brigsby Bear’, ‘Call Me By Your Name’, ‘Capote’, ‘Clockstoppers’, ‘Cold Mountain’, ‘Cry Macho’, ‘Death Race Trilogy’, ‘Emma’, ‘Fatal Attraction’, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, ‘Isle of the Dead’, ‘Malcolm X’, ‘Not Another Teen Movie’, ‘On the Waterfront’, ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, ‘Panic Room’, ‘Pompeii’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Rear Window’, ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Some Like it Hot’, ‘The Birdcage’, ‘The Birds’, ‘The Blues Brothers’, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, ‘The Deer Hunter’, ‘The Night of the Hunter’, ‘The Ring’, ‘The Wiz’, ‘Vertigo’, ‘Whiplash’

Paramount+ - ‘Behind the Music (Season 2)’, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Disney+ - ‘Daredevil (2003)’, ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’


Netflix - ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’, ‘Super Rich in Korea’, ‘The Final: Attack on Wembley’, ‘War Dogs’, ‘Bodkin’, ‘The Guardian of the Monarchs’, ‘Mother of the Bride’, ‘Blood of Zeus (Season 2)’, ‘Living with Leopards’, ‘The Courier’

Hulu - ‘12 Hour Shift’, ‘Bad Boys for Life’, ‘In Limbo’, ‘Bloodshot’, ‘Black Twitter: A People’s History’, ‘Biosphere’, ‘Wanted Man’, ‘Eileen’

Shudder - ‘Mother, May I?’, ‘Herd’, ‘Gorgo’, ‘The Giant Gila Monster’, ‘The Stone Tape’, ‘Mother’s Day’

Max - ‘Pretty Little Liars: Summer School’, ‘The Iron Claw’

Prime Video - ‘Oh My Ghost’, ‘The GOAT’

Paramount+ - ‘Kiss the Future’

Disney+ - ‘Star Wars: Tales of the Empire’, ‘Monsters at Work (Season 2)’, ‘The Beatles: Let It Be’

Apple TV+ - ‘Hollywood Con Queen’, ‘Dark Matter’

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