Alex Wade of Whitechapel discusses the band's progression and a new record on the horizon

Alex Wade of Whitechapel discusses the band's progression and a new record on the horizon

- By Ramon Gonzales

Ahead of their appearance on the Lamb of God global streaming event, guitarist Alex Wade breaks major Whitechapel news.

Back in March of 2019, Whitechapel released what has arguably been their most complete studio effort to date with, The Valley. Lauded by both fans and critics alike, the band had seemingly hit their stride and on the strength of that album, there were tour dates aplenty in the books.

With 2020 panning out the way it did, tour plans were ultimately scrapped. Whitechapel were effectively sitting on their best album yet and had no ability to share it live.

Rather than sulking, the band got back to work.

Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade revisited the last year in a recent appearance on the Mosh Talks streaming series. Wade went on to discuss how had it not been for the forced pause of the world, the touring in support of The Valley would have kept the band occupied.

Since the stage wasn't an option, Whitechapel disregarded the traditional album cycle and started writing another record. Wade would make the announcement that the bandpass entering the studio to begin production on a brand new album and admitted that had it not been for lockdown, this would not have happened.

As for the evolution of the band's sound, Wade acknowledge how The Valley was a big step forward for Whitechapel creatively. Venturing out to incorporate more melody and clean vocals, there was no compromise of the band's heavy, ominous slant. It's that balance that Wade says will continue into the next record. Though he assures the die-hard Whitechapel fans there is still plenty of old school heft.

The progression of Whitechapel segued into a discussion about the band's connection to their deathcore roots. Wade talked about how the band wasn't looking to leave behind their foundation, but rather build on it. Reiterating the notion of balancing different elements in their sound, Wade explained that while Whitechapel has grown creatively, they still embrace their original sound that has earned them such a fervent fanbase.

Wade would close out the conversation by revisiting the band's 2014 hometown performance that is set to air prior to the Lamb of God global streaming event scheduled for September 25th. Reflecting on that particular show, Wade recalled the band's early days in Knoxville, Tennessee and while he expressed how he wished there was something more recent to stream, he remained confident that the footage has stood the test of time and would serve as a great appetizer for the Lamb of God set.

Watch the complete interview with Alex Wade of Whitechapel on the latest episode of Mosh Talks.

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