Beer koozies, cute songs, and the shittiness of 2020 with Bryan Giles of Red Fang

Beer koozies, cute songs, and the shittiness of 2020 with Bryan Giles of Red Fang

- By Ramon Gonzales

The guitarist/vocalist confirmed a new Red Fang single is coming soon.

Gearing up for this week's Knotfest streaming concert feature, Bryan Giles of Red Fang checked in for a session on Mosh Talks.

The interview presented a good news/bad news scenario. The good news is that Red Fang have a completed album of "cute songs" ready to go. The bad news is that with the ongoing pandemic and the inability to tour in support of new music, the album is going to marinate awhile longer before it's available for public consumption.

Referring to 2020 as the "shittiest year he has ever lived though," Giles acknowledged that the kind of uncertainty in the world right now can be overwhelming but he's trying to not worry about everything. Simply put, Giles is confident the band will come out of this eventually, just like every other band.

As for the new tunes, fans will get their hands on a single in the near future. Giles discussed how the approach for Red Fang is less methodical and more about jamming on the guitar until levels of maximum disgusting are achieved. The insight should give fans of the band reason to be excited about the new tunes.

Giles also blessed the interview with another nugget of wisdom with a common saying around the Red Fang camp. When asked about his beer, Giles cautioned that the band has long advocated the phrase, "If you don't kooze it, you lose it," which is probably the best advice that has come out of 2020.

Watch Bryan Giles shoot the shit with Beez on Mosh Talks.

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