Dee Snider carries the sword for rock

Dee Snider carries the sword for rock

- By Ramon Gonzales

The one and only Dee Snider discusses his upcoming live record, he connection with Jamey Jasta, and his eternal love for the culture of heavy music.

A true icon of rock music for generations, Dee Snider took sat in for a recent session of Mosh Talks. Snider dove into the details of his soon-to-be released live version of his For the Love of Metal album, produced by none other than Jamey Jasta.

Reliving the formative moments of the recording process, Snider went back to the beginning and told the story how an appearance on Jasta's podcast would result in Jamey convincing Snider to return to the studio with the Hatebreed frontman at the helm.

Snider would go on to discuss the single, "American Made" as the "oh shit" moment that spread goosebumps among everyone in the studio. Giving Jasta the kind of creative trust to steer the ship, Snider spoke highly of his partnership with the hardcore hero and reiterated that the connection was a true collaboration.

Snider would liken the experience to that of Johnny Cash's resurgence during his time under the production of Rick Rubin. There is an understanding that producers, in these respective roles, understood the importance of the artist maintaining their integrity and the artists trust the producer to preserve the legacy of the artist while creating something interesting and new.

On a macro-level, Snider would discuss the prevalence of the rock music culture and the overall well-being of the community. Quite literally, Snider delved into the health of "headbangers" and discussed how those fans are healthier, generally, because of the darker, emotional release coupled with heavy music. Dee would also explain draw parallels as to why the hip hop has since filled that void in its ability to channel angst and catharsis the way rock and metal used to.

Punctuating the chat with an impassioned exchange about the misappropriation of rock culture, Snider took the opportunity to champion the rebellion and the counter-culture that has always been at the root of hard rock music. Challenging the audience to know the difference between rock and what's vaguely-rock, eliminating that ambiguity within the genre is something Snider feels will help restore the luster of a sometimes diluted product.

Currently at work on his second novel, slated to direct a film that he wrote (although production is postponed due to Coronavirus) and working a treatment for an undisclosed 80's film classic, Dee Snider is as connected and relevant to the culture as ever.

Watch the complete interview on Mosh Talks below.

Dee Snider will release his new live album/DVD/BluRay, For The Love Of Metal Live, on July 31 via Napalm Records.

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