Defying expectations and becoming the best band in the world - Jami Morgan of Code Orange Does Mosh Talks

Defying expectations and becoming the best band in the world - Jami Morgan of Code Orange Does Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

Few bands channel the intensity of Code Orange and the proof is in their product.

"All I care about, is this. All I care about is this band, furthering this band, trying to expose as many people to what we;re putting out there as possible. I don't care about ANYTHING else. It;'s not about the way the way I approach life or... it THIS. And that's it."

Code Orange has challenged the conventions of heavy music in a way that has made them one of music's most promising contributors. The preceding quote from frontman Jami Morgan likely sums up just how the band has arrived at this point in their career. Laser-sharp focus and an unrelenting approach to their craft make for records like Underneath, a crushing, calculated creation that all but guarantees the best from the band is still yet to come.

Sitting in on Mosh Talks, Morgan discussed how fully encompassing Code Orange really is, the band's latest record, and their ongoing relationship with the WWE. What becomes particularly evident is the intensity with which Morgan operates. Life outside or Code Orange exists, but it seems an afterthought. His focus and the focus of his bandmates is Code O and solely Code O. Even after victories like the band's WWE Next : Takeover performance, Morgan discussed how pissed off he was that the band couldn't be out on the road and onstages in the conventional sense.

Code Orange doesn't operate on the same level as other bands and that is something they seem to revel in. Morgan explained that their pace and work ethic is less about staving off complacency and more about evolving on a near day-to-day basis. Anything less seems plainly unacceptable by their own standards. The conversation is an illuminating look at a band that is equally intriguing as they are entertaining.

Watch the complete interview here.

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