From Politics to Post Malone, Power Trip's Riley Gale Checks In With Mosh Talks

From Politics to Post Malone, Power Trip's Riley Gale Checks In With Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

The insightful frontman talks the future of heavy music, Black Lives Matter, and the importance of using your platform.

Power Trip are regarding as one of a handful of band's leading the charge in a new era of heavy music. Among the more compelling reasons why the band has become such a fixture in the culture is because of their frontman, Riley Gale. Equally articulate and unapologetic in sharing his stance both on and offstage, Gale spent time in the interview chair with Beez for a candid discussion on Mosh Talks.

In discussion the progression of Power Trip since their lauded 2017 release, Nightmare Logic, Gale concedes that a new record probably would've materialized sooner but the band continued to get touring offers from the likes of Danzig, High on Fire, Creeping Death, and Devil Master.

Gale would dig into the recent release of the band's live from Seattle record despite having some skepticism. Admitting that the idea of a live record has some element of cheese, Gale said this particular recording felt right, sounded great, and offered a authentic representation of of what Power Trip show actually sounds like. Gale also loved the fact that the same day the record was released was the same day that Seattle forged it's ongoing autonomous zone.

Naturally, the conversation would be dominated by the current events of the world and the ongoing fight against police brutality in this modern era of the civil rights movement. Gale discussed his ambitions to maybe return to school and become more immersed in the politics of such an important effort.

Incredibly self-aware, Gale reiterates his understanding of his platform and referenced artists like Ice-T as shining examples of people furthering dialogue and making an impact. He spoke glowingly of the foresight that Body Count had with songs like, "Can't Stop The Bumrush" and how innovative Code Orange has been in pushing the boundaries of heavy music.

The guys would finish out the conversation with the idea of a collaboration between Power Trip and artists lie Post Malone, whom has discussed he is a fan of the band. Another name that made it's way into the discussion was Denzel Curry.

That kind of outside the box thinking, combined with Gale's ability to connect and articulate is just part of why Power Trip continues to ascend even while the world is at a standstill.

Watch the complete interview below.

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