Gatecreeper's Chase Mason explains the balance of accessibility and authenticity in death metal on Mosh Talks

Gatecreeper's Chase Mason explains the balance of accessibility and authenticity in death metal on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

Armed with an new EP, a new record label, and an upcoming streaming concert, Gatecreeper are aiming to bring death metal to the masses.

To say that Arizona's Death Metal antagonists in Gatecreeper have been on a tear as of late is almost an understatement. With a new record (a surprise one at that), a new label in Nuclear Blast, and an upcoming concert stream, the momentum for the band has reached a massive swell.

Frontman Chase Mason sat in for a session on Mosh Talks to discuss how the band's pace has picked up in recent months and what the forecast looks like despite such uncertain times.

Serving as the catalyst for the surge of Gatecreeper in 2021, the band opted to skip the traditional rollout of a release and randomly dropped a brilliant EP in 'An Unexpected Reality' early in 2021. With no singles, no music, videos, and none of the fanfare that typically goes into promoting a new release, Mason explained that the MO was mostly to avoiding having to keep people's attention for too long. Citing how the public is inundated with information and content, both in the news and via social media, that to try and compete with that was counter productive.

Aside from that, 'An Unexpected Reality' is the kind of EP that needed to be consumed as a full listening experience. With 7 tracks that are all under a minute each on one side, and an 11-minute audio spiral into hell anchoring side B, this wasn't something that could be segmented into singles.

Mason also discussed the stylistic exploration that the band indulged on this EP, particularly with the track "Emptiness". Roping in influences like Paradise Lost and even HIM and taking some their "pop-metal" sensibilities, this EP allowed the band to not only challenge themselves creatively, but do something different from what they have come to be known for.

Mason would go onto explain that Gatecreeper make no bare bones about the kind of music they like and what they hold as influential. They wear it on their sleeve and showcase that proudly in their sound. Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Dismember, Entombed, Grave are all very much a part of the Gatecreeper DNA. Mason also cites the likes of Crowbar, Hooded Menace, and even Madball into the fray, detailing the kind of diversity that comprises their approach to making aggressive music.

Mason would go onto to discuss the band's recent signing with Nuclear Blast Records and explained that Monte Conner interest in the bandpass something that carried major significance for the frontman. Given Conner's lengthy, legendary resume in signing the likes of Sepultura, Type O Negative, and Slipknot, for Mason, to be on Conner's radar was huge.

Mason shared that Conner's vision for Gatecreeper was consistent with his own, and given the kind of track record Conner has, the move to Nuclear Blast Records was something that would ensure Gatecreeper would get to the next level.

As for that next level, Mason's eyes are looking towards reaching an all new contingent of fans looking for something aggressive. In speaking about the resurgence of old school death metal and the prevalence of heavy music as a whole, Mason explained that Gatecreeper aim to make memorable songs. And while the moniker of "catchy" might not jive with the death metal purists, Mason's feels there is a balance of accessibility and authenticity that exists. It's what Gatecreeper strive for an aim to thrive - despite what the gate keepers would say otherwise.

Gatecreeper will perform a special streaming concert event February 19th at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT. Tickets for the performance are currently available - HERE

Watch the compete interview with Chase Mason of Gatecreeper below.

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