Jami Morgan details 'Back Inside the Glass' and explains why Code Orange is second to none

Jami Morgan details 'Back Inside the Glass' and explains why Code Orange is second to none

- By Ramon Gonzales

Ahead of the band's third major streaming production, frontman Jami Morgan asserts the band's rank as innovators and emphasizes it's not talking shit if you can back it up.

Ahead the band's upcoming Back Inside the Glass streaming event scheduled for Halloween, October 31st, Jami Morgan of Code Orange checked in for an at-length discussion on the Knotfest Interview series Mosh Talks.

Preparing for what will be their third immersive streaming production, Morgan articulated an unwavering confidence in the kind of product he and the band have been able to deliver thus far. Referencing the two previous efforts in Last Ones Left: In Fear of the End and their ode to the Unplugged-era of MTV with Under the Skin, Code Orange have arguably settle bar for the kind of innovation and ingenuity it takes to thrive when it comes to the livestream.

Proudly detailing the kind of DIY ethos that is at the core of the band's identity, Morgan explains it's that kind of hustle that allows a still emerging band to piece together such a well-produced product. Operating with practical budgets and limited resources, Code Orange has not only managed to compete with bigger artists when it comes to their livestream - they have gone on to eclipse them.

In terms of the amount of streaming events, Morgan explains that there is a element of recency that needs to be tended to in order to stay relevant. Citing people's very short attention span, the frontman discusses that these streams not only allow for Code Orange to evolve creatively, but it ensures the band remains tip of the tongue.

During a time of forced stagnation, Morgan seems to embody the outlook of his band in emphasizing a sense of optimism - an unlikely viewpoint from most. Rather than indulge in the salt of having such a stellar record and no ability to tour and share it live, Morgan sees this extended time away from the stage as a sort of second album cycle specifically for Underneath. Explaining how the time away from touring has given the band the freedom to be especially creative, Morgan is undeniably confident that when they can resume touring, the album will stand the test of time.

When it comes to referring to the band's innovation, Morgan makes no bare bones about owning that description. While acknowledging and respecting the efforts of other artists' output, the frontman takes ownership a unique sense of competitiveness. He articulates a kind of confidence in what the band has been able to do despite less than ideal circumstances and less than global notoriety. For Morgan, the Code Orange seal comes with a very specific standard of quality and if they put their names on it, it's superior.

It's not talking shit if you can back it up.

Sharing some additional details specific to the streaming event, Morgan discussed the return of the Mudbanger's Ball pre-show with host Riki Rachtman. The warm-up segment will spotlight artists like Harm's Way, BackWash, Power Trip, Nothing and many more, with Rachtman offerings some insight on just why these artists are more than deserving of the hype.

Morgan also shared that fans who purchase tickets to Back Inside the Glass will instantly received a free download of a track from the Underneath sessions that wasn't included on the album in, "The Cutter." Described as the band's take on thrash, the added incentive should certainly resonate with Code Orange fans and pique the interest of the casuals.

Watch the complete interview with Jami Morgan of Code Orange on Mosh Talks below.

Tickets to the band's Back Inside the Glass livestreaming event with Jesus Piece, Year of the Knife, and Machine Girl are available - HERE

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