Jinjer discuss their upcoming live album and the international success of 'Macro' on Mosh Talks

Jinjer discuss their upcoming live album and the international success of 'Macro' on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Ukrainian metal heavyweights share the spontaneity of 'Alive In Melbourne' and reveal that new music is definitely in the works.

Eugene Abdukhanov and Tatiana Shmayluk of Ukraine's biggest metal export Jinjer guested on the latest episode of Mosh Talks ahead of the release of their first live record, Alive In Melbourne.

Riding an impressive wave of momentum despite a dismal 2020, the band actually began the year with a head full of steam based on the strength of their 2019 release, Macro.

After a decade of touring and recording, the band's 2019 full-length finally garnered wide-spread traction. Jinjer would find themselves billed higher on festival posters and playing sold out headlining gigs from fans that became introduced to the band because of Marco.

That reality isn't lost on Abdukhanov, as the bassist confided that the eventual success the band earned is still something that provides a thrill for the band to see live. Walking out onstage to a capacity room full of fans there to see you, is a rush that continues to keep Jinjer especially motivated.

The unlikely success story of the band has a few talking points in that the band comes from a small town in a region not typically known for producing any other metal acts, plus, Jinjer's brand of heft is a much more technically-focused sound. That kind of instrumental prowess demands more of the audience and yet, the band has seemingly found their crowd.

More than a few times in the conversation, Eugene and Tati shared that having the ability to prove themselves in a live setting and win fans over with their stage show is something they continue to take pride in. Whether it be in the form of the band's famous "one-take" videos circulating online or a festival slot among a slue of artists, when Jinjer goes live, they know everyone will pay attention.

As for the band's live record, like everything else that has resulted from 2020, Alive In Melbourne was a sort of pivot. During the band's three night engagement back in early march of 2020, the excitement of playing three sold out nights in a place they had never been prompted the band to randomly record the occasion. Little did they know some eight months later, the audio would be another addition to their catalog.

What is especially significant about Alive In Melbourne is the potential timelessness of the release. While the album serves well in capturing and translating the power of Jinjer live, it also marks one of the final shows on the planet prior to life as everyone once knew it, changing completely.

If there was one last show to see before having to take an extended hiatus from the live concert experience - Jinjer would be a solid choice. Now, everyone gets the opportunity to relive that magic over and over again.

Watch the band's interview via Mosh Talks below.

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