Lamb of God's John Campbell discusses the band's upcoming livestreaming doubleheader on Mosh Talks

Lamb of God's John Campbell discusses the band's upcoming livestreaming doubleheader on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band's bassist explains the excitement of getting back to work and sharing the self-titled record with fans.

In what has been a big day of news from the Lamb of God camp, bassist John Campbell checked in for a session on Mosh Talks to discuss the band's massive live-streaming announcement.

Detailing the genesis of the idea, Campbell discussed how the band was essentially sitting on their hands despite having released one of their strongest records to date. As the streaming platform had become more viable as a means of connecting with fans, the band ultimately decided the time was right to get to work on a production of their own.

As for the idea of doubling up the performance, Campbell explained that if the band was going to set these plans in motion to produce one stream, it seemed to make sense to leaver everything set up and produce two. Wanting to share their new record in full, the band thought of what record would work similarly as a complete record showcase and landmark Ashes of the Wake just made sense.

In fact, the Ashes... recently celebrated it's 16th anniversary and during the conversation, Campbell and Mosh Talks host Beez dug into the importance of the record in that it was especially timely and functioned as an introduction in making many new Lamb of God fans.

The stream will mark the first time the band has ever done any kind complete album performance, which makes the back-to-back weekends later this month especially important for not only the band, but for the great community of heavy music fans just the same.

Watch John Campbell recall the what life was like 16 years ago during the release of Ashes of the Wake and explain his excitement with the current self-titled album on the latest installment of Mosh Talks below.

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