Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth breaks down biases on Mosh Talks

Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth breaks down biases on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

The vocalist explains the importance of pissed off art in a world that is finally ready to listen.

"We've been saying this for a long time, thank for showing up in 2020 - I fucking guess."

Sharptooth vocalist Lauren Kashan pulls no punches when it comes to her music or stance. During the latest episode of the Knotfest series Mosh Talks, Kashan would reiterate just that, in discussing the band's most recent release, Transitional Forms.

Taking on urgent subject matter like systemic racism and police brutality from the very inception of the band, Sharptooth has always been steadfast in their beliefs. Kashan explains that only now, in the wake of such obvious turmoil, is the general audience especially receptive to empassioned, screaming load message.

"People are starting to, forgive the stupid terminology, 'get woke' to a lot of the things that people deal with. I think that some of the things I say onstage will feel a lot less controversial as a whole. Hopefully."

Kashan would go on to discuss that her stance has come under fire even from within the spaces most familiar to her. As a women fronting a hardcore band that is challenging social constructs, the vocalist confides that she has been policed by the same circles that would presumably soak in her message most. From what she says to how she says it, Kashan acknowledges that there is a strange backlash she has to contend with from her own tribe and yet still - presses on.

Armed with pragmatic thinking and a powerful conviction makes Lauren Kashan and the band Sharptooth, a particularly potent meld. Breaking down biases and further explaining the need to scream into a microphone, the exchange with one of hardcore's most exciting vocalists is an important 25 minutes.

Watch the latest episode of Mosh Talks with Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth.

Order the band's latest release Transitional Forms from Purse Noise Records - HERE

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