Michael Thomas details how Kill the Lights reignited his creative fire

Michael Thomas details how Kill the Lights reignited his creative fire

- By Ramon Gonzales

Members from bands including Still Remains and Threat Signals linked with the former drummer of Bullet For My Valentine and began a brand new chapter in their careers.

Veteran drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas sat in for a discussion on the Knotfest series Mosh Talks to revisit the genesis of his latest incarnation, Kill the Lights.

Teaming with friend and collaborator Jordan Whelan of Still Remains, the basis of Kill the Lights began with casual text messages to exchange some ideas. The inquiry Moose made to Whelan about some song ideas resulted in a file of some 30 songs. Little did the two know, Kill the Lights had been born.

While much has been made about the previous projects that the members have been in, Moose confided that the aim was less about rehashing the past and more about pressing forward and tapping into a new sense of creativity. Linking with Whelan, Throw The Fight’s James Clark, and Threat Signal’s Travis Montgomery, each of the members were coming from an established career but seemed eager to begin the next chapter. The band's 2020 debut, The Sinner, reiterated that.

Moose went on to detail how the ensemble came together and more importantly, spoke on behalf of the band in asserting everyone involved is having fun getting back to the brass tacks of making metal music. Focused entirely on making the kind of music that they collectively enjoy, the pressure of living up to any expectation is solely limited to the expectations the band places on themselves.

Despite being sidelined in what was to be their breakout year, the band has remained optimistic and constructive during the lockdown. Even with a new record circulating in the world, the band continues to write new music with the kind of pace that reiterates it's not work if you love what you do.

Watch the complete interview with Kill the Lights' Moose on Mosh Talks below.

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