Corey Taylor Digs Into A Completed Solo Record, Movie Scripts, and a Productive Quarantine on Mosh Talks

Corey Taylor Digs Into A Completed Solo Record, Movie Scripts, and a Productive Quarantine on Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

The multi-talented frontman unveils details about his debut solo record and much more.

"It's everything I want it to be. There's some Slade in there, there's some Johnny Cash, there's some Alice In Chains... big choruses, fun rock. Huge solos, HUGE solos."

Having spent a lifetime on stages and in studios making music, the kind of excitement Corey Taylor exudes while discussing his solo debut project is not only admirable, but it's a testament to how creatively-driven he continues to be. The Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman gave a comprehensive interview with Terry Bezer via Mosh Talks recently and among the topics the two touched on, Taylor confirmed the completion of the solo project.

The collection of songs date back as far as high school for Taylor, reiterating just how long some of these ideas have been in tow. In fact, Taylor discussed teaching himself to play piano over the course of two years so that he could perform and record a song he wrote for his wife. "It's probably one of the best things I've ever written," said Taylor.

Taylor would also reveal that there are some tentative plans to release two songs from the record for fans to marinate with. Reiterating the theme of project as fun, he described it as a "futuristic throwback," and explained that "everything on this album is a hybrid of all these different genres I'm really into."

The interview is loaded with information, as things quickly evolved from the question of how Taylor was spending his time in quarantine. Fans will be excited to know that Taylor has also completed not one, but two movie scripts that are now being discussed. Citing the ingenuity of 80's horror, Taylor revealed his idea for a feature called Zombie Versus Ninja that Corey says is, "exactly you think it is."

Taylor doubled down on his love for the genre with more details. "When it comes to the horror, I am right on the page. I want it violent. I want it messy. I want it gross. I want it... practical effects, shooting fake blood all over the place." The film idea is especially ambitious as he also confided that the idea is to make it a trilogy.

Taylor also delves into the Look Outside Your Window project. The sort of tangent to Slipknot has been a passion project spearheaded by Clown for many years. Though he didn't provide specifics, Taylor emphasized that Clown, "...really wants to put it out. He really wants people to hear it."

Plenty to chew on. Watch the complete interview below.

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