Mosh Talks Special: Trivium Preview A Light or A Distant Mirror

Mosh Talks Special: Trivium Preview A Light or A Distant Mirror

- By Ramon Gonzales

The entire Trivium team details their groundbreaking live-streaming global event.

This spring, Trivium released what has been described by both fans and critics as one of their strongest studio efforts in What the Dead Men Say. The grim reality of having such a strong record with no ability to tour with it was a prospect that prompted Trivium to find a way to pivot.

While many bands have found a way to translate their live experience in a digital space, Trivium has long been ahead of the curve, streaming their live performances for some three years already. That reality meant just aiming a camera in the direction of a stage for a band like Trivium would not suffice. This album is anything but ordinary and the live translation needed to be equally ambitious.

The need to articulate a proper live experience and adapt in an era of a pandemic would ultimately birth a real-time, arena-sized production in, A Light or A Distant Mirror. Approaching a live show with an understanding of modernity, Trivium's comprehensive set has been paired with visuals and original music in between songs to package a complete performance that makes a stream and experience. Broadcast from the state-of-the-art confines of Full Sail University, the event supersedes hyperbole in it's aim to redefine what a distant performance can be.

In the following Mosh Talks special, Knotfest's Terry Bezer connects with the entire band as well as the art director Sooner Ruthier to gain some insight about the revolutionary global streaming event set for Friday July 10th. Likening the experience to the modern version of the live record, Bezer navigates what kind of headspace the band is in prior to taking the stage in what is shaping up to be their most poignant production to date.

A Light or A Distant Mirror broadcasts July 10th via at 4pm NY • 1pm LA • 9pm UK • 10pm EU. The broadcast will be available for purchasers for an additional 48 hours. Sylosis is confirmed to open the show.

Watch the Mosh Talks Special on A Light or A Distant Mirror below.

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