Mosh Talks: Talking Metal With Rhea Ripley

Mosh Talks: Talking Metal With Rhea Ripley

- By Ramon Gonzales

The WWE NXT Superstar Carries the Flag for Metal Fans In the World of Sports Entertainment.

WWE NXT Superstar Rhea Ripley checked in on Mosh Talks to discuss her success in the sport and foundation of metal music. Getting started with the likes Papa Roach, Of Mice and Men, Suicide Silence, and Black Veil Brides, the wrestling star's earliest musical influences would ultimately mesh well with her chosen profession.

With a roster of predecessors like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Ripley's boss Triple H, the world's of wrestling and heavy music have a kinship that Ripley now exudes in her persona.

As for the kinship between the music and the sport, both Beez and Ripley would identify that parallels seems to exist in the physicality and the adrenaline that come from both worlds.

Acknowledging that the music "revs" her up, Ripley equated the rush from the ring to that of her favorite bands. The conversation explored the common ground as likely being the reason that metal fans and wrestling fans connect so well.

Just how important is music to Rhea Ripley? While the entrance music is a integral part to every wrestler's persona, Ripley actually had her entrance customized to integrate the signature stomp from the since departed Suicide Silence frontman, Mitch Lucker.

Citing her love for the metal vocalist, Ripley actually filmed the move and specified when and where in the song she needed the breakdown so that she could make the move part of her walk to the squared circle. In fact, Ripley used to make her walk to "Second and Sebring" from Of Mice & Men - making it apparent that heavy tunes have always been at the forefront for the wrestler.

The conversation concluded with Ripley's enthusiasm to to be at the forefront of not only a flourishing time for women in the WWE and sports entertainment in general, but to also function as an ambassador of sorts for the cult of heavy music. Rock music has long since been at the core of wrestling's identity and Ripley is modern extension/evolution of that.

Watch the complete interview with the WWE's Rhea Ripley on Mosh Talks.

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