Paul Riedl of Blood Incantation talks prehistoric civilizations, Krautrock, and memes via Mosh Talks

Paul Riedl of Blood Incantation talks prehistoric civilizations, Krautrock, and memes via Mosh Talks

- By Ramon Gonzales

Watch the cosmically heavy interview via Mosh Talks

There just aren't many virtual interviews that come packaged with visual references but then again, there just aren't many metal manufacturers like Paul Riedl of Blood Incantation. During a rare interview via Mosh Talks, the songwriter/frontman for the Denver death metal outfit discussed his well-versed background and versatility is fundamental to death metal.

Spending years in the Pacific Northwest prior to making his way to Colorado to form Blood Incantation, Riedl was in multiple bands that varied from ambient to black metal to doom, all of which left a lasting impression on the songwriter. That multi-faceted approach is what has created the amalgamation that is Blood Incantation, pooling the very best parts of what Riedl refers to as "guitar music."

In terms of thematic elements, Riedl would go onto explain his affinity for the cosmos and how that has permeated throughout his craft. He grabbed a few visual references of records that he has made more than a decade ago that all indulge the same theme of the greater universe. Riedl went into his admiration for cultures that look beyond physical world understand there is a bigger existence.

Shifting gears, the conversation would transition to the prevalence of memes and how Riedl himself actually puts memes out into the world that make fun of his own band, knowing they will begin to circulate. He cited evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in explaining his love for memes as, "the transfer of knowledge through these little units of information," which was another 'mind-blown' type moment of many throughout this particular interview.

As for the forecast and what the band has in the works during the paused status of live music, Paul confirmed that he will be working on an ambient record in the vein of Tangerine Dream coupled with the dark, ominous feel of Blade Runner. He also confirmed that the band is going to record a cover from a French band for an undisclosed project - just enough information to fuel some healthy speculation.

Riedl reiterated his appreciation for bands and music that challenge the conventional. Particularly for metal, he talked about how traditional structure just isn't interesting. Citing bands like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Magma, and Amon Düül and their ability to force the listener to pay attention is what he aspires to. He went on to include bands like Morbid Angel, Death, and Gorguts as bands within the genre that have figure out to evolve in a way that remains heavy but keeps things interesting.

Watch the complete interview with Paul Riedl of Blood Incantation on Mosh Talks.

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