Polish blackened death metal outfit Azarath debuts visual for "Beyond The Gates Of Burning Ghats"

Polish blackened death metal outfit Azarath debuts visual for "Beyond The Gates Of Burning Ghats"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Founded by Behemoth drummer Inferno, the Polish metal export have unveiled the first-ever music video of their more than two decade-long career.

Poland's blackened metal cult, Azarath, have debuted their first music video in their 22-year tenure. The visual is for the band's closing track their forthcoming LP, Saint Desecration, set for a November 27th release.

The music video for "Beyond The Gates Of Burning Ghats" is helmed by Grupa 13, whose production credits include work for the likes of Kreator, Amon Amarth, and Behemoth.

Offering a glimpse into the unrelenting brutality that has become the signature of previous releases like Blasphemers' Maledictions and In Extremis, "Beyond the Gates Of Burning Ghats" showcases Azarath continuing to push the boundaries of extremity after more than two decades in the game.

Founded by veteran Behemoth drummer Zbigniew "Inferno" Promiński, the current incarnation of the collective features long-tenured guitarist Bart Szudek, bassist Peter Ostrowski, and the debut vocalist Marcin "Skullripper" Sienkiel. Saint Desecration serves as the band's seventh full-length studio album and a reiteration of the outfit's incendiary meld of charred metallic blare.

Saint Desecration arrives November 27th on Agonia Records. The album is currently available for pre-order - HERE

Watch the first-ever video from Azarath for the track, "Beyond the Gates Of Burning Ghats" below.

1. Death-at-Will
2. Sancta Dei Meretrix
3. Let them Burn…
4. Fall of the Blessed
5. No Salvation
6. Profanation
7. Reigning over the Death
8. Life is Death, Death is Life
9. Inflicting Blasphemy upon the Heavens
10. Beyond the Gates of Burning Ghats
11. Pure Hate*

*Bonus track available only on Digi CD. Music and lyrics by Merciless. Guest vocals by Killer (Stillborn).


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