Reba Meyers of Code Orange Details Under the Skin

Reba Meyers of Code Orange Details Under the Skin

- By Ramon Gonzales

The next full band experience with Code Orange is a dark new take on the unplugged sessions.

While the livestreaming platform for performances has now become a much more plausible medium for fans to get their fix of live music, there are a few bands that were among the first to take the leap.

While March now sees like a lifetime ago, that's how far ahead Code Orange was in perfecting the digital means to execute their live experience. In fact, March 14th was the date that Last Ones Left: In Fear of the End functioned as the band's Underneath record release show and broke ground in making the live streaming concert a real outlet.

Code Orange is set for their next livestreaming spectacle entitled, Under the Skin. Taking some aesthetic cues from the Unplugged series of the MTV heyday, coupled with some of additional imagery from the Headbanger's Ball (Code Orange is running with the Mudbanger's Ball), the next installment from Code O is a tempered version of their incendiary stage show, but don't called it "Unplugged."

Reba Meyers of the band took to the Knotfest series Mosh Talks to better explain the production without completely showing her cards. When asked about the Unplugged angle, Reba explained, "I wouldn't even call it 'Unplugged,' that just a term that people know to put some context to it. But it's more just a re-imagination of everything. It's definitely like you can take a breath during it," explains Meyers.

Though she confides this go round is less aggressive than the typical Code Orange experience, Meyers details that this production is, "just as dark, just as brooding."

Among the talking points that seemed to permeate throughout the conversation, Reba would reiterate that this particular production embraces a cinematic approach. In much the same way Code Orange paired compelling visuals with their all out assault for their first live-streamed performance, Under The Skin will give the audience an understanding of these songs at their core - creating a new experience, a new appreciation.

Finding a balance between the audience experience and their own artistic integrity, is just one of the many reasons that Code Orange has ascended so quickly. If there is any doubt that this is one of the bands furthering the culture of heavy music, this stream only proves that fact.

Under the Skin broadcast from Pittsburgh’s Theatre Factory on July 30th and will be available on Code Orange's Twitch channel.

Watch the complete interview with Reba Meyers of Code Orange below.

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